Volunteer in Thailand

Volunteering in Thailand 

Volunteer in Thailand with a charity, NGO. Volunteer with OpenmindProjects!

With a focus on education we started many years ago in Thailand to help underprivileged village children and teenagers. Being a charity, we understood their problems.  And wanted them to learn to use IT and Internet to learn and to learn English. 


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Where you can volunteer in Thailand with us

  • Volunteer in Northeast Thailand, called Isaan. This is the heart of Indochina by the Mekong River and on the border to Laos. Volunteer with village and disabled students. At our hub in Nongkhai you can help us with fundraising, social media and web work too. Discover Northeast Thailand
  • Volunteer in South Thailand by the Andaman Sea. Volunteer in Krabi, koh Lanta, teach Buddhist and Muslim students. Help us with social media. Discover  South Thailand
  • Volunteer in the Thai Myanmar Mountains, West Thailand. Teach ethnic minorities,  Karen, Thai and Burmese students. Volunteer in the wild part of Southeast Asia with its waterfalls and wildlife. Discover West Thailand

Press and recognition

Volunteer in Thailand teaching village girls

Volunteer in Thailand

Help Thai children and their nature.


  • Tell us who you are. Send us a short resume and let’s meet online to discuss your volunteering.

Volunteer Teach English 

  • Volunteers teach and practice English conversation with students. They can make it fun to learn English! Help them to search online, make presentations and videos in English and share  online with  family and friends.

IT volunteers

  • IT savvy volunteers help students to use computers and software. Help some students to learn coding!
  • IT volunteers help OpenmindProjects with web design, development and help us develop our online learning platform.  Volunteer, meet, learn and develop together with us and students.

Volunteer help us with social media

  • Volunteers and interns can  help. Contact us to learn more.

Volunteer, help  us fundraise to help children

  • Volunteer and intern help is much appreciated. Contact us to learn more.

Help local entrepreneurs, village women  promote their  local products.


Prepare to volunteer in Thailand, part of the fun

  • Discuss volunteering with us. Tell us about your skills and interests and we tell you about volunteering with us, about teaching, culture and  volunteer life. About our hands on, fun learning by doing and fun way to learn. 
  • You get our Volunteer Handbook with teach, culture and more advice.
  • Happy to talk volunteering with you anytime.

Volunteer and enjoy Thailand, smiling people, amazing culture and nature.

  • Get immersed in local life. Experience the daily life and the amazing nature.
  • Volunteer with us, a local charity, NGO offering volunteer opportunities for families, retired, professionals, students and groups.

Volunteer in Northeast Thailand, Isaan, on the Lao border.

Northeast Thailand is one third of Thailand and the people speak Isaan, Lao. This is a poor region where  young villagers leave for jobs in the South or abroad. 

This is where OpenmindProjects started some 20 years ago to help village children to use computers and to learn English. We called it “IT in Isaan”.

Learn more about the Northeast, Isaan 

Check our brochure about Northeast Thailand


Volunteer in Western Thailand in the mountains on the Burma border

The mountains on the border are home to many ethnic groups and refugees. Poverty is very high. Refugees and stateless people have limited access to education. Our volunteers teach Karen, Burmese and Thai children.

Learn more about Western Thailand 

Check our brochure about the West

Volunteer in South Thailand by the Sea

Here Muslim and Buddhist children live and study together in harmony but the gap between rich and poor, farmers, fishermen and guest workers is huge.
Volunteers teach in village schools. Some may volunteer in marine national parks. Here you meet our well known and  local rep Mui, who has worked with us for many years.

Learn more about the South 

Check our brochure about the South

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