Volunteer in Cambodia, with a non-profit

Volunteering in Cambodia​​

Volunteer in Cambodia with a local NGO

Go to Cambodia. Volunteer in a village with Openmind Projects, a non-profit. Teach English or IT to village children!

Welcome to Cambodia with a people with an ancient culture and history, the Khmer Empire!

The famous Angkor Wat is a testimony to this magnificent  empire that once dominated Southeast Asia!

Cambodia: a country of beauty, culture and nature and tragedy!

Beautiful but threatened beaches and  jungles. A country with too many poor  left behind in the villages.

Cambodia, once a French colony,  ended up a victim in the Vietnam War with the horrors of the Khmer Rouge and the ‘killing fields’. Landmines still exact a toll on lives.


Volunteer in Cambodia village

 Exports of natural sources and tourism grow the economy but benefit only a few,  leaving the village poor behind.

Education is the key to change. As a volunteer in Cambodia, you can make an impact!

Volunteers can enjoy the culture and nature of Cambodia, while making an impact on the lives of the poor young.

Volunteer in Cambodia with Openmind Projects, a non profit, not travel agency

Openmind Projects has worked with local people and also invited young people from Cambodia as trainees at our Center in Thailand before Covid.

Now we want to restart after Covid.

Our volunteers support a  locally-run project to teach English at a village school.

Teach English and IT to children that don’t have an English teacher.

Some volunteers have supported the school by donating computers and other material. There are many ways you can help the village children!

Volunteer to get immersed in local Cambodia culture!


Ask Us to volunteer in Cambodia.

Let’s talk online, contact us to learn more.


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