Fundraise with OpenmindProjects

Fundraise for your volunteering and to help local people

Support our cause and local people! Got some ideas on how to raise funds for your volunteer trip, for the young people we help? Want advice? Raise funds at home, friends and family. Get in touch with us for ideas.


Challenge yourself

Fundraise with a sponsored run, marathon, swim or bike trip. 

Set up a JustGiving page to collect your donations. Share your story and why you fundraise. 

Contact Us.

Fundraise at your uni, college, school

Host a Quiz Night, collect donations to enter the quiz, for snacks, drinks etc.. Put together a Talent Show: hold auditions, sell tickets.   

Ask friends and family!

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Fundraise at your office, with your colleagues


Involve, ask your colleagues! Tell them why you go to volunteer.

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Donate and celebrate

campers jumping happy

Celebrate your or a family member’s birthday, or a special occasion. Celebrate and raise funds for a good cause.  

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