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Volunteer in Thailand, Northeast Thailand


Volunteer in Thailand, Northeast Thailand


Volunteer on the border to Laos and by the Mekong River

Volunteer in Thailand,  Northeast Thailand, called Isaan, with OpenmindProjects. We help students at public, village,  temple schools and a school for disabled.

As our volunteer you can teach English. Volunteers help students with simple,  conversational  English. Other volunteers teach  IT skills. Volunteers are also welcome to help our NGO with social media, webwork and fundraising. 


Volunteer with OpenmindProjects! Help us make a difference to a young student’s future!

We introduce you to volunteer, to inspire and help the students learn and to work with the teachers.

And we are happy to show and tell you about this part of the unseen Thailand.

Volunteer Work in Northeast Thailand

Volunteer to teach English and IT at public and temple schools and to students with disabilities.

Or volunteer to help us with social media, webwork and fundraising. Send us a short resume and we can discuss how you can best help!

Students prefer to learn by doing. Practice simple English conversation. Volunteers make students more motivated and confident to speak English.  

Read about:

Teaching English

IT training


Teach the fun, role play way

Practical, sporty volunteers are welcome. Play balls and other games! 


Apply, contact us,  volunteer with us,  talk to us, discuss what you can do, how you can help!



Why do Thai students find learning English boring?

Students learn English for many years but they memorize, learn by heart and find this boring. They never learn to speak English. The teachers are taught to teach English by heart, memorizing.


As a volunteer in Thailand, the Northeast, you can make a big difference. Help students Learn by Doing!

When you learn Motivation comes first and Confidence second! 

When young people who go to find a job, especially in the tourism sector, they realize that the better their English, the better their pay.  And they learn English by doing when they speak English with tourists, foreigners. They are motivated to learn English and they gain more confidence to speak English.

Our volunteers are much appreciated, since they practice learning by doing English in conversations, role plays, games, songs, and ball sports.

Our volunteers also help students learn to use computers, to use the internet to learn English and about the world. Some volunteers  even help students to learn coding.

Volunteer to help students learn about interesting  topics to share online, discuss with you, friends volunteers and teachers. 


You don’t have to be a teacher to volunteer with us

As our volunteer you help students to listen and speak English, to use computers and internet while you socialize, play sports  and games with them.

You provide motivation and confidence and you help students speak English,  practice listen and speak.

We send you a very useful Volunteer Handbook about volunteer work, teaching, culture,  some language and more. When you arrive we welcome and  introduce you to our NGO, to volunteering, to schools, students, and  teachers.

Apply. Tell us about yourself.  Book a time to chat with us to learn about your volunteering with OpenmindProjects and  Northeast Thailand. Welcome!

Volunteer in Thailand, Northeast Thailand, free time with OpenmindProjects

Go swimming near our place, go gyming. Walk, eat and drink along the river and the Tha Sadet Market in Nongkhai.

Drive along the beautiful Mekong River.

Climb the Phu Tok Mountain, a very scary walk according to the National Geographic.

Visit the amazing Sala Keow Khu, the Giant Buddha Park in Nongkhai.

Go boating on the Million Water Lilies Lake

Watch the mysterious Naga Fireballs rising up from the Mekong in October. 

Visit Laos!

We help you enjoy your free time when you Apply.

Book a time to chat. Learn about your volunteer options in Thailand.

Meet some Openmind friends

Meet our cofounder Gaweechat. He can tell you about our NGO, and life in the Northeast, in the village!  

Meet Kai, her daughter Neorn and her friend WinWin, our youngest Openminders. They have learned English by doing with volunteers and can help you learn Thai!

Meet our hostess Orawan. Enjoy your dinners cooked by her and Kai! Meet other volunteers.

We will tell you more about Northeast Thailand where people speak Lao. Farming is the main livelihood, but young people head south or abroad to find a job. 


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Volunteer in Thailand, Northeast Thailand