Volunteer in Nepal, with a non-profit

Volunteering in Nepal​ in a Village

"We absolutely loved this experience, the people we met and Nepal and we really want to volunteer again one day when we will be able to do it. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity that that we will never forget and that will stay forever in our hearts!"

Selene and Chiara

My time in Chitwan was very exiting and fun! I was volunteering at a local government school and lived with Ranjan's family, I felt very welcome and been taking good care of!

Daniel Larsson

Volunteering in Nepal with an NGO

You will volunteer in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. A country that is still recovering from a long civil war! If you want to help people in one of the poorest countries in the world, Nepal is one of your best choices! 

Poor villagers and their children need your help. They need better education as a way out of poverty! Help them and they will remember you!

In return, Nepal offers you many amazing experiences, from the cold Himalayas to the steaming jungles, from Kathmandu to small villages. If you want to visit a most beautiful country and get a sense of Tibet as well as India, then Nepal is your volunteer destination! 

Prepare to be amazed by the mountains, the mixed Hindu Buddhist temples, explore Kathmandu, and go to the Chitwan jungles where you can still find tigers, crocodiles and rhinos!  

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Why volunteer in Nepal

Affordable and Rewarding Volunteering in Nepal

Education is the key out of poverty and it is Openmind Projects mission! 

As a volunteer, you help villagers and their children to a brighter future. You can teach children and/or adults. Help them to learn so one day they can help each other. Then you make a lasting impact on their lives!    


Our project is located in the South, the Chitwan area, at the small Gawaii village with its school and children in classes 1-9.  


You will work with Nepali children and villagers. You will teach at a village school and can help at a day care center too. You can also work with the community, the adults, to help promote community-based eco-tourism.


Your volunteer tasks depend on your interests and skills. Most volunteers teach children at the school. They teach English and other subjects if they want. Volunteers can also help develop community services for tourists – a welcome extra income for the villagers. You can help train local villagers to be tour guides and inform villagers about health care. It depends on you and your host, Ranjan, who works hard to help his village. 

Ranjan is himself an excellent guide in the Chitwan jungles! So, your volunteer work may include improving guided treks in the community forest with its wildlife that includes tigers, rhinos, and peafowl. 

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