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We need your support to restart onsite after Covid! "

Openmind Changed Life

Message from our alumni James.​

In 2014, I was a camper for the OMP English Camp. The camp went super well, I got to meet many interesting and talented volunteers, also got to make a lot of new friends there. My mind got opened and filled with inspiration, motivation and curiosity in learning English, I.T. and well-living skills.

Why we need your support

Our Impact

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  • To run our online training, resume our on-site programs at schools and camps, rehire, recruit, and train local staff and trainees, as well as new international volunteers, we need financial support; we do not, however, have any billionaire sponsors.
  • The plan now is to create a space where we, students, and volunteers can come together to learn, grow, and exchange ideas.
  • You can help us help vulnerable and underprivileged students. They were most affected by Covid. For many of these young students, we can significantly improve things when working with volunteers and donors.