OpenmindProjects charity  was founded many years ago to help local people and working  in Southeast Asia with a local and global network of local people and international volunteers. We always believed in modern tech and learning ideas to inspire and help poor children. We have done this at our Center, in camps for young village students and in village schools and eco projects too.

Covid disrupted all this work but we decided to go online and restart on the ground later. Before Covid we hosted some 400 Thai, Lao, Burmese and Khmer trainees at our Center and over 3000 young Thai, Lao, Karen and Burmese students joined our more than 80 Learning Camps that we arranged at our Center and Laos along the Burmese border.2022/23.  

Great organization and great experience!

I am waiting for the time when I’ll be able to come back and see all the familiar faces again. Keep doing your great job teaching youth in South East Asia

Volunteer and Donor: Anastasiia Panchenko from Ukraine
A True Story​: Message from our alumni James. ​In 2014, I was a camper for the OMP English Camp. The camp went super well, I got to meet many interesting and talented volunteers, also got to make a lot of new friends there. My mind got opened and filled with inspiration, motivation and curiosity in learning English, I.T. and well-living skills.

During Covid we arranged online training, camps and programs for local students, with the help of our previous trainees, groomed at our Center, and international volunteers.

And we started working with our disabled students, anew and inspiring project that we continue now with online and onsite volunteer help. Many thanks to all!

And now we are slowly restarting on the ground with volunteer and donor help!

We offered a variety of volunteer opportunities from teaching students English and IT at schools, supporting Eco projects to helping us with social media, fundraising, developing training material., web work and volunteer contacts. And volunteers are welcome to help in all those fields now in country, onsite and also online!

But we need resources, local people, international and local volunteers. We need a newb center and a virtual center too (almost ready with the help of Microsoft and some IT companies.

We need new equipment, laptops, furniture and more, since we had to leave the old center. we paid rent for almost two covid ears without being able to use, losing money. Instead of letting our equipment sit idle in some storerooms for how long we did not know we decided better ton give it for better use to schools!

And we want to host new trainees, to groom them to help other young students and volunteers. And we need new staff.

To do all what we did before Covid requires time, so, we are aware it will take time to get back and help all the people we helped before. But with our experience and network we are confident to come back. We are already in a modest way coming back. But we need more volunteers , which is more difficult now with high air fares and the many international volunteer agencies with more resources for marketing, promotion. And we obviously need money to step b step fund what we want to do in 2024 and on.

So, any help from you will a welcome help! We can actually help you with  fundraising advice and support if you want to fundraise to help Openmind, help a volunteer, yourself, to come here.

 We and many local young and volunteers believe OpenmindProjects is a great way to make a difference, is we hope you can help and spread the word too!

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Our Wonderful In-kind Supporters


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