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RZE Quest | Foldable tote for your every day carry

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A tacti cool foldable tote, designed to add up to 30L of carrying capacity to your EDC.


Product Information

Over the last few years, RZE has been focused on developing and delivering quality gear for adventurers. Determined to never need a single-use bag again, we’re bringing you our ideal built-for-life tote that folds into a compact, convenient package in seconds.

Voyage Utility Tote. (Capacity 30L)

While there are many reusable bags on the market, our team asked ourselves the difficult question: Why are we still buying bags when we go shopping?

Jaunt Utility Tote. (Capacity 25L)

Designed for everyday adventures where we often need a disposable bag, the QUEST series of foldable totes give you over 25L of carrying capacity. Packed with features that make it a perfect companion for your next run to the store, airport, gym or campsite, ‘bringing your own bag’ never looked so good.

Quick compact fold to keep your quest with you all the time. The most functional bag is the bag you have with you when you need it.
Designed with customization and versatility in mind for the ultimate foldable lightweight tote.

In the Media

Feature 1 – “25 Best Watch Microbrands Every Horology Fan Should Know”
Feature 2 –  “Two years is not a long time to become world-renowned in any industry, let alone watchmaking. However, start-up-turned-global-favorite RZE has done just that thanks to its tough yet lightweight titanium cases and affordable price points. Now, the Singapore-based outfit has pushed the boundaries of its craft once again with a new field watch for your toughest adventures.” 

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Feature 1 – “When it comes to affordable titanium sports watches, RZE is consistently one of the brands that deliver the most value for the money, as it offers several different models with hardened titanium cases and bracelets, which can all be purchased for hundreds (rather than thousands) of dollars.”
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The convenience of disposable bags have infiltrated our daily lives, and despite the world’s efforts to do better, we often found ourselves shamefully purchasing a ‘reusable bag’ at the checkout till. Caught in the trap of purchasing yet another ‘reusable bag’, we were motivated to develop a reusable tote bag that we’d be excited to use.

Lightweight tote with X-Large Capacity

Research suggests a ‘reusable bag’ made from cotton or durable plastic needs to be used hundreds if not thousands of times in order to have less impact than using a single-use plastic bag. Although many bags are developed with the best intentions, we determined that the emphasis is often on cost or utilising recycled materials, while overlooking overall functionality and usability.

Dedicated luggage handle slot on back of both ultility totes

Continuing on our journey to provide adventurers with tough, reliable gear, and motivated by the desire to have a reusable bag that we would be proud to add to our everyday carry, we designed and developed the Quest Series of foldable totes from the ground up.

Design Journey

Focused on eliminating the friction points that typically leave us bagless, the Quest Series is lightweight, foldable, durable and versatile. From brainstorming sessions and notebook drawings to iPad notes and selecting fabrics, we’ve perseverated over every detail of this tacticool tote and have built something that we’re proud of.

The thoughtful design of the RZE Quest Series enables it be folded into the size of a Blackcomb pouch with just four folds, while providing adventurers with up to 30L of carrying capacity.

Materials and Features

In order to deliver the laundry list of features we’ve loaded into the Quest Series, each tote is crafted from a variety new and recycled materials, carefully selected for their strengths and technical characteristics.

Selecting 600D recycled PET for the body of the bag makes it lightweight, splash resistant and durable. In order to maximize strength, durability and functionality, a variety of new materials such as nylon webbing and 600D PVC canvas are employed in the handles and the reinforced base.

Integrating utilitarian features from our favourite accessories, the Quest foldable tote is loaded with functionality making it the ideal addition to any everyday carry.

MOLLE SYSTEM for your favourite accessories and attachments.

In order to develop a foldable tote that complements the aesthetic and utility of other adventure gear, a variety of designs and materials were explored. Prioritising the Quest Series’ functionality and utility, the integration of MOLLE webbing, accessible when folded or open, allows adventurers to attach additional accessories like bungee cords and G-hooks with ease. A large exterior Velcro panel is perfect for personalising your totes with your favourite patches and ranger eyes.

Exterior D-ring provides easy access to your keys, key card, and your favourite EDC tools on the go.


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