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HiDock H1: ChatGPT-Powered Audio Dock with AI Summary

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Transcription & AI Summary | Noise-free Con-call | Phone-call Recording | 11-in-1 Docking Station


Product Information

HiDock H1 with HiNotes is a state-of-the-art hardware + software solution for calls and meetings with automatic note-taking. It provides noise-free communication and voice recording with ChatGPT powered transcription & summary. It is also packed with a neat 11-port dock, so you get a clutter-free desk.

Our backers spoke, and we listened. Last year with HiDock Speakerphone on Kickstarter, we got success and valuable feedback: detachable cable, Bluetooth and more ports. Now we are back, to present HiDock H1.

HiDock H1 is designed for versatility, catering to a wide range of users. Whether you need well-structured meeting notes, including outlines, to-do lists, summaries, a way to remember random ideas from conversations, an easy review of engaging podcasts, capturing important info from phone calls, or taking notes during online lectures, HiDock H1 has you covered.

At HiDock we don’t think communication is as simple as call and answer. To streamline your communication, we zoom-lens the process into 7 steps, in each of them, HiDock + HiNotes find the perfect spot to elevate your efficiency to the next level.

HiDock H1 offers versatile connectivity options, including USB-C and Bluetooth, enabling seamless connections with laptops, iPhones and Android devices. It allows you to play and record audio from various sources including video calls and messaging apps like WhatsApp, FaceTime, Telegram, and podcasts.

HiDock’s unique Bi-directional Noise Cancellation (BNC) technology sets it apart from traditional ANC by actively eliminating background noise from the far end of your call or meeting. Whether your participants are in a noisy street, car, subway, or cafe, you always have control over the background noise.

Experience superior noise canceling with HiDock’s BNC on your iPhone, surpassing even voice isolation. It is also available on Android and laptops with Bluetooth and cable connections, ensuring crystal-clear voice audio on both ends of the call.

*Hear the noise reduction difference, please put on your headphones. 


Unlock lightning-fast and precise transcription with HiNotes, supporting 57 languages and long recordings. HiDock’s advanced BNC technology ensures superior transcription accuracy, outperforming standard devices like laptops, phones, and voice recorders.

Make a VoiceMark to highlight anything that matters to you during recordings and HiNotes will intelligently analyze the content before and after the marker during the transcription. This allows you to easily mark and target important information during calls, making it simple to locate specific details in the transcription and summary.

Whether it’s a Zoom or Teams meeting or a casual call via Facetime or WhatsApp, HiNotes intelligently summarizes them into well-structured notes. You can access summaries anytime from any device.

Rich templates are provided, including Meeting, Phone-call, Lecture and Memo,  and more templates will be added.

It’s a Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker with Bluetooth 5.2 protocol. Reward yourself with beats and tunes for your great work!

With the combination of a 5-watt tweeter, a 7-watt full-band driver, and a passive-vibration radiator, every note and beat is delivered in sonic perfection, immersing you in a rich and dynamic audio experience.  

HiDock H1 is also a top-spec 11-in-1 docking station that supercharges your productivity. It is plug and play, uses just one USB-C cable, and everything is set up and ready in an instant.

Enhance your workspace and multitasking game with the ability to connect two 4K displays simultaneously, providing you with crystal-clear visuals and an expansive canvas to work on. Whether you’re a creative, a gamer, or just love spacious digital workspaces, HiDock H1 opens up new possibilities for efficiency and entertainment.  

Move around without leaving the meeting, while still being able to record and VoiceMark as if you were at your desk.

Take a break or grab a cup of coffee while staying seamlessly connected during lengthy meetings with HiDock earphone. Our proprietary protocol guarantees near-zero delays in your conversations, so you will never miss anything important.

The HiDock earphone was designed for comfort. Its ergonomic design guarantees no pain even while wearing it for a whole day. The record and mute buttons allow you to get the same VoiceMark and Mute experience as if you were at your desk with HiDock H1.

Put on HiDock earphone to secure your confidential conversations. Easily mute or unmute with a single click. With a 10m connection range, you can maintain secure calls from anywhere in your home.

HiNotes is HiDock’s AI assistant that offers voice-to-text transcription and ChatGPT-powered summary in 57 languages. It helps you stay organized during conversations and get well-structured notes afterward, including meeting key points, to-do lists, and more.

Just upload your recordings to HiNotes and it will automatically analyze them, providing you with accurate transcriptions and well-structured notes for your review.

To let everyone experience HiNotes’s convenience in their work and life, we are trying our best to minimize the membership cost. Additionally, Kickstarter backers can receive a 34% discount on the HiNotes membership. This way, we offer the best deal possible, and you can benefit from all the great AI capabilities HiNotes offers.

  • How does HiDock (hardware) record audio?

HiDock H1 records audio on hardware. The audio processor encodes audio signals and stores data in the flash storage on board. Everything happens inside the hardware.

  • Does HiDock collect your data?

HiDock H1 only records audio when the user presses the HiDock Key. And HiDock is a stand-alone device, it won’t connect to the Internet by itself. It can only connect to PCs with USB or smartphones with Bluetooth. So its data stays within the HiDock device.

  • How can I be certain that my private discussions won’t be utilized to train the ChatGPT model?

HiNotes offers services using OpenAI’s APIs, guaranteeing that your information will be kept private and not utilized for training within OpenAI’s APIs.

OpenAI’s privacy statement assures: “Please note that for our API product, OpenAI will not use data submitted by customers via our API to train or improve our models, unless you explicitly decide to share your data with us for this purpose.” (origin link)

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