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Doquintin – Designed For Women. Made For Life

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A day-to-night bag fused with Parisian chic, and made from nature. Adaptable to your life & your style.


Product Information

Doquintin, also known by friends as ‘Le Doq’, is a day-to-night bag by Laflore Paris. Le Doq’s unique form comes from the fusion of both the classic and the contemporary. Natacha designed Le Doq with the modern woman in mind, placing a strong emphasis on sustainability, and ensuring that function and versatility are seamlessly woven into this everyday bag.

Its removable and adjustable straps and handles allow you to hold it in the hand or wear it over the shouldercrossbody, or as a backpack. The brass clasp opens 180 degrees for a wide, clear view into the bag. Interior pockets and dividers in the bag were designed to organize your essentials and 2 exterior hidden zipper pockets at the side provides easy access to your phone and/or other small items

Designed to be a day-to-night bag, Doquintin can be worn over the shoulder, crossbody, as a backpack, or carried in the hand.  The new carabiner rings make it fast & easy to go from one to the other

Each pocket was designed for your everyday essentials – from your phone and laptop to your makeup, book, sunglasses, charger, and moisturizer.

In total, there are 11 pockets and compartments that will keep your items organized and easily accessible. The brass clasp opens 180 degrees for a wide and clear view into the bag, and the bright orange lining helps you locate your treasures with just a glance. A zippered section divides the main compartment.

Le Doc can fit a 14inch laptop

These add-on items were designed specifically to compliment Doquintin – with proportions that fit perfectly inside or clip onto the retractable rings on the exterior to provide Le Doq with a different aesthetic and added functionality.

​​All of our bags are handmade with love. Our sustainable cork material comes from Portugal and our lining is made from eco-friendly recycled cotton. Our global team of artisans and workshops have been pioneering innovations in eco-friendly and sustainable craftsmanship.

The design process for the bag starts in our Parisian atelier, where we envision and sketch the bag and then develop a sample. Conceptualizing and creating the initial design can take 6 months to a year, and sometimes even more. During this process, we are in close communication with our team of artisans who have vast experience creating high-end handbags for over 30 years. Samples are scrutinized and tested until the design and quality is absolutely perfect.

Our bag artisans pay close attention to every detail to guarantee each and every bag is of the highest possible quality.

We take great pride in the quality of our products. We make them to last a lifetime and offer our customers a lifetime guarantee on their bags. Any bag can be sent to us for free repair or replacement in the first six months, and you have a lifetime to reach out and ask us for a repair after that. If we’re not able to repair your bag, we will offer you a ‘Trade in Value’ so that you can get a new one and we can recycle the old one.

Our bags are handmade from a premium cork skin which is harvested in Portugal and polished until the texture is as soft and supple as leather.

Cork is as resistant and durable as leather but 3 times lighter. It is completely organic & ethical. Collecting and harvesting the bark from the cork tree takes place every 7 to 9 years, and does not harm the trees. In fact, this harvesting method helps the trees grow and release more oxygen.

Laflore Paris is a family story, between a father and his daughter. Elie, the father, is the founder of one of the leading fashion houses in Paris, CECILE & JEANNE. Elie has worked in fashion for over 30 years. Natacha is a young designer born and raised in Paris surrounded by craftsmanship and the finest handbag workshops.

They share a passion for design and fashion, as well as a mutual concern for our environment’s future. Together they created the brand Laflore Paris, which stands for high design & sustainability, so women never again have to choose between style and ethics.

A year of research and dozens of prototypes later our first product, bobobark, was born. Now, four years later… Laflore Paris is excited to introduce Doquintin to the family of loyal backers and new ones.

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