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Flagship All-In-One Pan with the unique Yoga Lid

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The Flagship Universal Pan is the result of 14 months of hard work and dedication. This pan is not just any ordinary kitchen utensil, it’s a tool that has been crafted with love and precision to make your cooking experience a true pleasure.


Product Information

The one-of-a-kind Yoga Lid stands, locks, drains and hangs upside down.


Unclutter your kitchen! This pan can be anything from a skillet to a Dutch oven.


German-made highest quality 18/10 stainless steel. OK for induction stove.

It’s the first kitchen tool that addresses most of our cooking mishaps.  ?


Now you can boil, drain and stir-fry right in the same pan. Clean and simple.


We’ve consulted with chefs to choose the ideal size for the most cooking.


Flagship is so versatile, that if you only left with one pan, it’s better be this!


With the Yoga Lid, there is no mess on counters and no grease on your shirt.


This Pan is compatible with Flagship Light grill, our other Kickstarter product.


It’s still not an outdoor grill but as close to it as you can get in your kitchen!


Do not give up tasty for healthy. This pan gets you both. So, grilling or steaming?


This hybrid pan is uniquely shaped to be comfortable for any cooking.


The skillet-type detachable grip is super strong and never gets hot itself.

5-layer capsulated bottom is great for oven baking or as a sizzling skillet.


These pans are stackable for easier storage and wouldn’t clutter a kitchen.


Add-Ons, Flagship Knives, and extra Pans will be available post-campaign.



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