Volunteer Training abroad in Thailand

Our Volunteer Training before the pandemic disruption

Now, after three years of Covid lockdowns and travel restrictions, we are restarting local projects and again offering online information and local advice.


Before the pandemic

We invited volunteers to our free introduction days at our Training Center to come and spend a few days with us before they started. It was volunteer training with our ‘Learning By Doing’ style. Those who came loved it!

They learned about volunteer work and culture in Southeast Asia, about local education and how we, as an NGO, help. They learned about etiquette and local values. They also also had a chance to learn some Thai or Lao language with a chance to practice their new language skills with street vendors, tuk tuk drivers, food market vendors and schoolchildren. They could exchange cultural experiences and even learn to cook Thai-Lao food!

They made new friends with our people from the very grassroots projects we support. These days were free when volunteers enrolled as Openmind volunteers! Other volunteers and travelers were welcome for an extra fee.

Volunteers also had a chance to go on guided tours with our trainees around NongKhai, to visit the giant Naga and the Golden Buddha, the giant temple sculptures at Sala Kaeow Khu and the royal temple, Wat Po Chai, with the stolen Buddha.


Videos worth watching:

Volunteer Training in Thailand​ with Culture, Teaching, Shopping and Language Training

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