Family Volunteer Opportunities Abroad

Make a life-changing impact on local children with your family on your volunteer overseas adventure

                                 Family volunteer opportunities abroad with a Non-Profit, NGO

                                        Children under 18 free!  Teaching, learning and affordable family volunteering overseas.

Family Volunteer Overseas, what and how?  All family members can take part in a variety of activities. Teach English in the classroom and outside. Conversation, role plays, fun learning games, songs, let students make presentations, videos. Practice English outdoors in ball sports.

Read about  Teach English

                  IT training

Watch         Teach the fun, role play way

Teach IT, help students explore the internet, search for information, learn coding! Maybe engage in local farming activities and making local friends.


Family Volunteer Abroad, where?  Volunteer with your family in Thailand by the Mekong River, in the mountains, by the sea or in Laos, Cambodia, Nepal

Rewarding family volunteer opportunities with a local NGO

You and your children volunteer teach, work and  learn together with us and local friends, a unique family experience. Your children make local friends, learn about life and culture in another country, a great and important experience!


Volunteer overseas with the OpenmindProjects Foundation!  Together we help young people to learn and take a step toward a better future



OpenmindProjects is a nonprofit, founded to help poor children to better futures. We do this with limited resources and depend on volunteers and donations.


All family volunteers can play an important role, teach and inspire! Together we help poor youth in Thailand and Laos to learn and like to learn!


Impactful family volunteer opportunities abroad

Volunteer as a family, a great opportunity, a rewarding and lasting experience for everyone.  We welcome family members to volunteer.

With OpenmindProjects your family will have a genuine and bonding volunteer experience.  Your family, students, we work and learn together.  Children inspire children. Everybody can learn about life in another country.


Discuss volunteering with your family.

Apply, we reply and then you can book to talk to us!

Ask other families, volunteers, about their experiences.