Volunteer for Nature, Communities and Ecotourism Abroad

Conservation and Ecotourism with a non-profit

Ecotourism and Conservation with OpenmindProjects Abroad

Affordable eco-volunteering with a non-profit.

Crave adventure with purpose? We are about to step by step restart our eco projects after Covid. Qualified volunteers will be able to collaborate with local communities, ecotourism or marine conservation.

Please note: Most projects are still on hold due to the effects of Covid except in South Thailand and Nepal.

Why Volunteer Abroad in Ecotourism and Conservation with OpenmindProjects

  • Help make an impact on nature conservation, community development and sustainable tourism practices.
  • Explore and dive into local ecosystems alongside locals.
  • Develop cultural understanding, learn traditional skills and build lasting relationships with locals.
  • Gain practical experience in ecotourism work, environmental protection,  research and community engagement.
  • Support ethical tourism and minimize environmental impact.

Why Volunteer with OpenmindProjects?

  • Your fees support communities and project initiatives.
  • Projects are developed in collaboration with local residents, ensuring their needs and priorities are met.
  • We prioritize environmental responsibility, minimizing impact on ecosystems.
  • We have a proven track record of success, recognized by awards like the “Little Big Project” from the Tourism Authority of Thailand.
  • We provide guidance before and during your volunteering.

Volunteering with OpenmindProjects FAQ

What to Expect as an Ecotourism/Conservation Volunteer Abroad with OpenmindProjects

Ecotourism Programs:

  • Partner with local communities, help with wildlife protection, trail construction and homestay development.
  • Cultural exchange: Live alongside residents.
  • Knowledge acquisition: Develop skills in ecotourism management, environmental conservation and cultural sensitivity.

Marine Conservation:

  • Participate in research dives, monitor coral reef health and document marine life.
  • Collaborate with marine research centers. Support their work and foster cultural understanding.
  • Dive into areas beyond typical tourist routes. Contribute to research.

OpenmindProjects is a non-profit prioritizing community needs and sustainable practices.

Why Volunteer in Ecotourism/Conservation 

    • Contribute to protecting endangered species, preserving ecosystems and empowering local communities.
    • Gain valuable skills and experience. Boost your CV.
    • Immerse yourself in diverse cultures, challenge yourself and gain an understanding of another world.
    • Travel with purpose. Combine adventure with meaningful action, leaving a positive impact on the environment and local communities.
    • Inspire. Champion responsible travel and environmental protection. Encourage others to take action.


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