IT Volunteering Abroad. IT interships

Volunteers and interns are welcome to IT teaching and development. Volunteer in SE Asia or Online!

Volunteer and help us with IT teaching, creating IT lessons, coding, and help us improve our websites. Volunteer with a non-profit, NGO. 

Our IT volunteers abroad teach digital skills, online searching, coding to migrant, village and youths with disabilities in Thailand, also in Laos, Cambodia and Nepal. 

IT skills offer more learning and job opportunities to poor students.  Our IT volunteers help young students to use computers and software, to use the internet to learn and to learn IT skills such as coding for future jobs.


  • As our IT volunteer help children learn digital skills online or onsite. Help them to a better future!

We welcome IT volunteers with special skills too.  Web developers, designers, volunteers interested in social media and fundraising are welcome too.


IT volunteering.  Volunteer abroad and onsite in Thailand or volunteer Online.


Contact us to  discuss how and where.


Before you go, we meet you online to tell you more about how we work and how you can help.  We tell you about volunteer conditions, culture, teaching, even some language in our Volunteer Handbook that we send you.  Welcome!


'I had never met a foreigner before I came to OpenmindProjects. I could not speak any English. I had never seen a computer. Today I can use Word, PowerPoint, make presentations and videos. And I help new trainees, train campers and help new volunteers.'
Openmind Projects Trainee from Nalong Village in Laos
Openmind Projects Trainee from Nalong Village in Laos

Help poor students to learn online as our IT volunteer, IT intern and teacher.

Inspire girls and boys to use their smartphones to learn as our IT volunteer.

Poor teenagers in Southeast Asia are poor but many now have smartphones.  Help them to use their smartphones, as our volunteer, to learn English, IT skills, discover the world and find  jobs.

Share your IT skills abroad as our volunteer teacher in Thailand, also in Laos, Cambodia, Nepal.

  • Help children to search online, to learn online, maybe the only way they can learn.
  • Give them an interesting topic to search for online in English.  Let them make presentations in English to show you, their friends and share online.

As our IT volunteer you can also teach coding to disabled students onsite or online.

We are fundraising to restart our projects after Covid.  You can help us!   Funds mean help to local people.

Our volunteers, IT teachers can help young people in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal.

IT experts can volunteer or do internships to help OpenmindProjects with websites, social media and fundraising.

IT, EdTech Volunteer with OpenmindProjects, a non-profit NGO in Southeast Asia

  • IT Volunteer in country, onsite in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Nepal, on the border with Myanmar.
  • Or IT Volunteer Online, teach young students online or help us with IT related work!

Let’s meet online

Contact us, apply, to discuss how you can help!

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