Volunteer in Thailand

Volunteer in Thailand 

Volunteer with a Charity, NGO, OpenmindProjects

Empower Underprivileged Students in Thailand

OpenProjects is an NGO,  charity, and offers our volunteers great opportunities to teach English, IT and more skills to underprivileged schoolchildren, and adults too, across Thailand.


Experience the real Thailand together with us, other local friends and fellow volunteers. We started over 20 years ago to help underprivileged people. 


Why volunteer in Thailand with us, an NGO

We offer Impactful and Affordable Volunteering with Cross-Cultural Exchanges and free time Adventure and Recreation Opportunities.
Thailand offers welcoming People, Hospitality Culture and Natural Beauty.
We offer before and during Volunteer Support and you get Memorable Experiences, Personal and Professional Development. Ask a previous volunteer!


  • We know the people and their needs and problems.
  • Personal Support: Our dedicated team is offering pre-trip planning and in-country guidance.
  • Direct Impact: You’ll be working directly with the local communities we help: schools, children and teachers ensuring your efforts directly benefit students in need.
  • New friends: Build lifelong friendships with fellow volunteers, students, teachers and local families, Experience Thailand through their eyes!

Where you can volunteer with us at OpenmindProjects

Volunteer in Northeast Thailand, Isaan, the heart of Indochina by the Mekong River and on the border to Laos. Help village children, disabled students. You can also help us with fundraising, social media, website work


Volunteer in South Thailand by the sea. Volunteer, teach Buddhist,  Muslim, migrant  students. Maybe volunteer to save marine life.  


Later we will restart our projects in West Thailand to teach ethnic minorities, Thai and Burmese students on the Myanmar border.  These projects were disrupted by Cov

Volunteer in Thailand teaching village girls


We help you to prepare to volunteer in Thailand. It is part of the fun!

  • Discuss volunteering with us, online, email, WhatsApp anytime.
  • You tell us about yourself and we tell you about us and our projects, about local culture,  volunteer life, about our hands on teaching, learning by doing and fun way to help kids to learn. 
  • We will send you our Volunteer Handbook with volunteer, teaching, culture and travel information.


Volunteer in Thailand

Volunteer to help children, students and adults in Thailand.

Imagine yourself as our Volunteer Teacher

  • Make a tangible difference by sharing your knowledge and empowering underprivileged youth.
  • Build meaningful bonds with locals and fellow volunteers, creating lifelong friendships through shared experiences.
  • Experience the authentic Thailand: From bustling markets and hidden temples to serene landscapes and delicious local cuisine.

OpenmindProjects offers more than just volunteering.

It’s a chance to immerse yourself in Thai culture, create unforgettable memories, and leave a lasting positive impact together with an NGO, charity.

Volunteers of all ages welcome! Teach  students. Make it fun to learn! Help them to search online, make presentations and videos and share with you, family and friends.  All family members make great and  inspiring volunteers!

English, IT, social media, fundraising volunteers are all welcome!

  • Help students to speak English, use  computers and software even help them to learn coding!
  • Volunteers, help us with websites and help develop our online learning platform.
  • Help us with social media to reach out.
  • Help us fundraise to help more young students!



Enjoy Thailand as our volunteer.

We  help you get immersed in local life, daily life and to enjoy Thailand.

Volunteer with us, a charity, an NGO, that has been around for over 20 years. We welcome volunteer families, professionals, students and groups.

Volunteer in Northeast Thailand, Isan, on the Lao border

This is where OpenmindProjects started some 20 years ago.

Go to https://openmindprojects.org/north-thailand/


Volunteer in Western Thailand in the mountains on the Burma border

The mountains on the border are home to many ethnic groups and refugees. Poverty is very high.  

Go to https://openmindprojects.org/western-thailand/


Volunteer in South Thailand by the Sea

Here Muslim and Buddhist children live and study together in harmony but the gap between rich and poor  is huge.

Go to https://openmindprojects.org/krabi-southern-thailand/


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