Learning Camps Abroad in Thailand

Volunteer to teach English in our Learning Camps

OpenmindProjects offers great camp volunteering in Thailand. Take part in our Holiday and Learning Camps for village, migrant, and ethnic minority children. 

These camps provide great opportunities for students to develop essential skills, like English and IT skills and gain confidence while having fun.

Camper Linlee from Laos, ”In our school we follow the teacher and the books. In the OMP camps we learn how to use internet and we learn to be learners.”

Volunteer Mike from California “I have been in awe at how much children can learn in one week at our camps. They arrive as caterpillars, after a week in the camp cocoon, they depart as butterflies!”

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Volunteer, teach IT, English. Create learners in our Learning Camps

Why volunteer in our Learning Camps abroad, in Thailand

  • Make a real difference: Your contribution will directly impact the lives of underprivileged children, helping them learn English, IT and about the world and gain confidence.
  • Experience a new culture: Immerse yourself in local traditions while connecting with local people and other volunteers, making new friends.
  • Develop valuable skills: Gain practical and fun teaching experience, teamwork, and camp leader skills.
  • Join a supportive team: Become part of a network of passionate volunteers and local colleagues dedicated to creating positive change and helping young campers.

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Our volunteers, campers’ parents, teachers, and friends are amazed at what the campers learn during a camp.

After Covid, we need funding and volunteers to restart our popular Learning Camps!


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Why volunteer in our popular Learning Camps abroad in Thailand

  • Break the mold of traditional education: These camps go beyond rote memorization. We encourage critical thinking, teamwork and learning English, using IT while learning about interesting subjects together with friends and volunteers.
  • Spark a passion for learning: Witness the joy and excitement of children when they discover the power of education through interactive and engaging activities.
  • Promote cultural understanding: Bridge gaps between cultures and create lasting friendships with campers and fellow volunteers.
  • Contribute to a meaningful cause: Help us empower underprivileged children and helping them on the road to a brighter future.
’The debates make me more confident. I learn English by searching, discussing, not by heart! First, the volunteers teach me and then we have to search and find information and discuss with our friends before we present the information.’
Camper Wah Wha from Myanmar
Wah Wah
from Burma

What to expect as a Camp Volunteer abroad in Thailand

  • Help plan and implement fun and  engaging camp activities: This includes workshops, debates, presentations and games.
  • Small groups: Provide personalized instruction and build strong relationships with campers.
  • Support campers on their learning journey: Facilitate discussions, guide online research and provide individual support.
  • Fun and inclusive environment: Use hands-on methods, games, discussions and debates to keep learning fun.
  • Supportive environment: Receive training and guidance from local staff and camp  leaders.

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Campers created the Facebook group “We love Openmind Projects“.

Pedagogic approach

Combine learning about important topics while using English, Internet, making presentations and videos.

Learning by doing in teams, problem solving and learning to use online resources.

Campers’ Outcomes

Shared presentations, videos posted on social media. Team debates in English. What camper teams learned about  camp themes such as Tech, Education and Jobs, Climate Change, Food and Health.

Motivated, more confident campers who are used to learn in teams and improved their English and IT skills.

Typical Camp Agenda

Day 1

  • Welcome and Breaking the ice. Getting to know each other, campers, camp leaders, volunteers. 
  • Information about camp activities,  teamwork, and camp themes.
  • Camper tests: English, IT , teamwork skills.
  • Making camper teams.

Camper days

Camp teams learn about the camp themes during morning, afternoon and evening sessions which include games.

  • Teams search online, discuss, summarize, make conclusions and suggestions assisted by the volunteers and camp leaders.
  • Camper teams prepare presentations and videos in English and publish on social media and compete for likes and shares.

Final Camp Days  

  • Final presentations, debates and shows.
  • Teams debate and vote on each other’s content based on facts, arguments, English.
  • Winners are announced and awards given.
  • Campers give feedback via questionnaires and interviews
  • Showtime and bye bye time, see you again!

Campers are Thai, Lao and Burmese also Karen village refugee and migrant youth. Number of campers are normally 35 per camp. Camper teams consist of 5-8 campers.
Volunteers come from all over the world. Openmind Projects locals and volunteers lead the camps and act as facilitators to the camp teams.

OpenmindProjects camps are arranged in NongKhai, North Thailand, in Krabi, South Thailand, and in West Thailand, the Thai-Burma Mountains. Camps are held during the Thai school holiday months, April and October, but also other dates. Camps are 6 – 8 days long.

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