Memorable School Learning Camp Volunteering Abroad!

Special Learning Camps for village, migrant and ethnic minority children in Thailand

Volunteer abroad at our fun and rewarding School Learning camps in Thailand!

Volunteer with a non-profit in Thailand

Our Learning Camps are mainly held in April and October, the school holiday months in Thailand. 

Covid disrupted our school camps and we plan to start our week-long Learning Camps again in October 2023.

We encourage volunteers to join before camp starts to help plan camp details and prepare themselves with local people.

As our volunteer you help young but poor villagers, migrants and refugees to learn and you don’t have to be a teacher!

Camper Linlee from Laos, ”In our school we follow the teacher and the books. In the OMP camps we learn how to use internet and we learn to be learners.

Volunteer Mike from California “I have been in awe at how much children can learn in one week at our camps. They arrive as caterpillars, after a week in the camp cocoon, they depart as butterflies!

We now also arrange ONLINE CAMPS, according to local demand, so you can volunteer from home.

Contact Us for more information and to discuss your volunteering!

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Volunteer abroad in Thailand

’The debates make me more confident. I learn English by searching, discussing, not by heart! First, the volunteers teach me and then we have to search and find information and discuss with our friends before we present the information.’
Camper Wah Wha from Myanmar
Wah Wah
from Burma

You don’t have to be teacher to volunteer at our school camps! 

Our young teenager campers learn together with international volunteers working hand in hand with local volunteers who bridge language barriers.

 You don’t have to be a teacher.  We introduce you to our Learning by Doing activities at our camps.

Campers work in teams.  They search online together in English with your volunteer help.  They learn about important topics such as climate change, technology and education or health and food using English to search and discuss.  Volunteers facilitate and help campers prepare presentations and videos to share with friends and online.

They learn by doing together with you, instead of being taught!

This is a new and nice experience.  We think, discuss and form our own independent opinions together!

Together we  encourage campers to become more confident, to think critically and to speak English.

Learning is fun when campers make their own videos to share with friends on social media and compete for most likes and shares.

Debating is fun because campers like to compete.  They work hard to find the best arguments, facts and English.

Openmind Campers become motivated learners!

Volunteers, parents, teachers and friends are all amazed at what the campers achieve in a camp week!  With more volunteers and donors we will reach and help more poor students!

Contact Us for more information.  Discuss your volunteering with us.

Let’s meet and talk Online!

Learning Camps in Thailand FAQ


Campers come from villages in Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. Volunteers with lots of energy from all over the world are welcome! Openmind Projects staff and trainees come from Thailand, Laos and Myanmar.

Camps are held at Openmind Projects Training Center in NongKhai, Thailand, but we also hold “Mobile Camps” to reach out to Karen, Burmese, refugee and migrant youth in the Thai-Burma Mountains. In our Online Camps campers join from their schools while local and overseas volunteers work from their home countries, a real international online cooperation! Home countries have included Korea, England, Singapore, Sweden, the U.S., Australia, Japan and India.

During school holiday months April and October, but also on demand Camps at other times of the year.

Camps are 6 – 8 days long.

Openmind Projects staff and volunteers form teams to lead Camp activities. 

Camper teams consist of 5-8 campers.

Number of campers are 25-35 per Camp.

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