Gap Year Volunteer Abroad

Gap year volunteer abroad. Volunteer overseas as a student

Volunteer abroad in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia or Nepal for an amazing Gap Year abroad.

Students are welcome to volunteer on their gap year

with OpenmindProjects, a non-profit NGO .

You can gain new and useful experiences as a gap year volunteer abroad with an NGO in Southeast Asia.  

Student volunteers, experience, learn, live and help in Asia.  Make new friends on your gap year abroad!

Volunteer, help people while you learn, open your mind, together with an NGO.

Volunteer with a nonprofit that supports the underprivileged and the environment.

Discuss your volunteering online with us!


You get a Volunteer Handbook once you are confirmed.  We are happy to chat with you online anytime, about volunteering, teaching, culture do’s and don’ts, travel. 


Volunteer at schools, Learning Camps, in towns and villages.  Reach out on social media, blog.  Tell about your volunteer experiences.  Bring back new skills, friends memories and stories! 

During your student Gap Year you can volunteer abroad in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal. 

Make your CV stand out when you  gap year volunteer abroad with an NGO.  As a student volunteer you will gain new skills, make new friends and have amazing experiences on a gap year with an NGO.

We ask you for a donation. It goes to support you and the local people  we work with as an NGO!

Contact us, to talk us. Discuss your volunteering. We invite you to an online meeting or several!

What you get as a student volunteer

Before you go

  • Predeparture information, discussions with us, online, anytime, once you apply.
  • We discuss and arrange your placement with your project.
  • Help with accommodation.
  • We send you a Volunteer Handbook with teaching, travel, volunteer and more advice.
  • Introduction to your special volunteer project.

Once you arrive

  • Introduction to your volunteer project and tasks, school, teachers, your students.
  • OpenmindProjects support during your volunteering, working with us.
  • Free time activities..

When you finish

  • A Volunteer/Intern Certificate or Letter of Reference, if you wish.
  • An Internship Report when you finish.
  • Follow OpenmindProjects and volunteers online!

Your gap year volunteer tasks

Your tasks depend on you, your skills and interests.

  • Teach English.  Practice conversation in Role-Plays.  You don’t have to be a teacher to do that!
  • Teach IT and the internet, help students search and then make and share presentations, videos in English.
  • Teach Coding, help poor students qualify for future IT jobs.
  • Support ecotourism, the environment and local  communities. 
  • Learning Camps.  Overseas volunteers and local campers love our Learning Camps.  Watch OMP Camps.

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Discuss your student volunteering with us online.

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