International Corporate Employee Volunteering Abroad

Corporate Volunteering Abroad in Southeast Asia with a non-profit NGO

Corporate volunteerism abroad is increasingly popular. Does your company have a CSR Strategy involving employees?

Volunteer Opportunities for Employees.  International corporate volunteering abroad with OpenmindProjects, a non-profit, NGO

Fight poverty, empower young people! Volunteer with village, disabled, migrant and ethnic minority students in Southeast Asia! It is a win-win for all, you the employee, you the company, and the people we help together.

Volunteer abroad as your company employee and good will ambassador! A combined training and branding opportunity, an opportunity to grow. Your company gains goodwill and can welcome back more experienced and engaged staff.


ROI, return on investment, is a corporate goal. As an employee you are the most important investment! Return with useful experiences and critical skills. Help and train young people, work in another culture and increase your world awareness. Modern bosses understand the value of cross-culture skills an open mind and global understanding.


Company volunteer ambassadors, an opportunity

Volunteering abroad with a non-profit is a great opportunity for you, your company, OpenmindProjects and the people we together support.

  • Convince your boss to send you abroad as a volunteer and company ambassador to help people.
  • Encourage your staff to go abroad as volunteers, to represent your company and come back with new, useful experiences and skills.

International corporate volunteering abroad. What you do

• Teach English and/or teach IT, use the internet to learn
• IT/website development, teach programming
• Reach out with social media, fundraise, photos and videos
• your own ideas?


Contact us for information.
Let’s talk, discuss , tailor, agree your volunteering to suit you and your company.   

Why corporate employee volunteering abroad for CSR? Corporate Social Responsibility, the benefits

Valuable experience, ideas, an open global mind, cross-culture teamwork, and meaningful and lifelong memories.
    Good will .
Leadership skills in new cultures and situations, multitask in a cross-culture environment.
    Engagement and loyalty goes a long way.

A global outlook. Time overseas opens new perspectives.
    Teamwork, team building. Work abroad as team bond with local friends.
Recruit, train and keep staff who prefer a company with Corporate Social Responsibility opportunities.
    Branding. Return and share memories and experiences with colleagues, friends, family and media.

We discuss and organize your volunteer project

Apply to talk about how and where to volunteer. Tell us about your skills and interests, what you like to do as a volunteer.  Before you start, we can then meet online and discuss your volunteering and tell you more about how we work.

Book a call, discuss your volunteering with us at, Monday – Friday, around noon or 6 pm (local Thai time, GMT+7).


Volunteer abroad with a small NGO, the fast lane to happy and more experienced staff, a great opportunity to learn.

Ask your employer to support your volunteering on a ‘Learning by Volunteering’ project! Experiential learning with OpenmindProjects, a charity  NGO.


Why corporate employee volunteering with a non-profit, NGO, OpenmindProjects

Long experience helping disadvantaged people as an NGO.  We have for many years welcomed, trained, and supported  overseas volunteers to help out in our local projects, schools, villages, eco projects.


We customize a volunteer project for corporate volunteers to make an impact abroad and come back more experienced, with an open mind and new perspectives. 


In house training is useful but learning by doing with an NGO, make young managers grow. It means a faster lane to initiative, leadership, cultural sensitivity and team work skills.


Employee volunteer articles, interviews, videos are genuine, credible and make an impression! 


Enable your employees to volunteer that resonate with their values while boosting  skill and goodwill.