On a Learning Mission to Fight Poverty and Inequalities

We share our Vision with our young local learners, overseas volunteers and donors.

Together OpenmindProjects, volunteers and sponsors go on a MISSION to fight poverty and inequalities with better education opportunities.

We want to give poor girls and boys a chance to learn to learn, a better chance to learn English and to use IT to learn. We give them a better chance to leave poverty behind. Together we can help the young, but poor, to the same 21st Century skills as the more privileged! 

An Achievable Vision

We see a better future for the poor youth in Southeast Asia with equal opportunities without regard to wealth, gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion or sexual orientation. We believe in equal education opportunities and access to internet for all.


OpenmindProjects Messages


Message to our young Learners
Be the architect of your own future! Be a role model to your friends.


Message to our overseas Volunteers
Help us to help the youth by volunteering in our local projects or online and you learn as much yourself, then go tell our friends back home!


Message to our Donors, Sponsors
Help us to help the youth by donating to support our work for our local projects or online and you are of course welcome to come and see for yourself: volunteer with us or send a friend or family member!


'To learn about poverty in the developing world. Go out to volunteer with an NGO'.

Advice by the Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics for Fighting Poverty, Esther Duflo Tweet