Teach English. Volunteer Abroad!

Teach English volunteers welcome to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal!


Volunteer with a non-profit

Help underprivileged children and adults understand and speak English. English means better job and learning opportunities.


English volunteer teachers wanted in village and town schools.

Our Teach English volunteers teach in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal

English is the first language for over 400 million people. Another billion use English regularly. English leads to better job opportunities for poor students. 

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You don't need to be a teacher. Let's chat online to find the right project for you! 

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What do our English volunteer teachers do?

Teach English volunteers practice English with students and adults who are not confident to speak English.

Who can teach English abroad with OpenmindProjects?

You can practice English without teaching experience if your English is good and you like to engage students in role plays, conversations, games and tasks. Join our Learning Camps.

Ask about your options and our practical learning by doing ideas!

Now also possible to Volunteer Online!

We make English fun to learn and easy for volunteers to teach.

Volunteering to teach English with OpenmindProjects, a non-profit

Teach in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal. Poor schools for migrants, village children and disabled students in villages and towns need English volunteer teachers.

Help students learn English a natural way. Practice conversation. Let students search for info, then present and share it in English. Make students interested and gain confidence to speak English. 

Combine English with IT training. Socialize with students in their free time.

How to volunteer with OpenmindProjects

Apply and tell us about yourself and what you’d like to do as a volunteer. We’ll reply and you can book a time online to discuss volunteering with us. We send you a Volunteer Handbook and you can use Openmind.Travel to find flights. On arrival we introduce you to your volunteer project. During your volunteering we are in touch with each other.

You get a Volunteer Certificate once you finish.

Travel Service for our Volunteers

Find great flights on Openmind.Travel, find links to great deals! Book your flight and OpenmindProjects gets a small % at no extra cost to you!

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