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Volunteer Teaching English Abroad in Thailand, SE Asia

Embark on a rewarding journey with OpenmindProjects as we invite you to be a part of our transformative Teaching English Volunteer Abroad Projects. Break cultural barriers, ignite curiosity and shape futures through the universal language of education. Join a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to making a real impact while exploring captivating destinations.

OpenmindProjects, an NGO with over two decades of experience, offers a unique opportunity to make a meaningful impact by contributing to the education of young village, migrant, refugee and ethnic minority students in Thailand and Southeast Asia.



Why Teach English Abroad as a Volunteer

Teaching English abroad is not just about imparting language skills; it’s an opportunity to address the widespread need for English proficiency in a practical and engaging manner. Help instill confidence in students to speak English naturally. By choosing to volunteer you become an integral part of inspiring students to actively participate and grow in their language abilities.

Your commitment to volunteering will not only shape the future for others but will also shape your own in ways you never imagined. Seize the opportunity to be a beacon of change and help create a world where education knows no bounds.


Why Teach Abroad as a Volunteer with OpenmindProjects

Explore a world of Teaching English volunteer opportunities tailored to your passion and expertise. Whether you envision teaching in primary schools, community centers or with specific age groups OpenmindProjects provides flexible programs that align with your goals.

With a focus on practical and fun teaching methods our NGO emphasizes making learning enjoyable for both volunteers and students. The organization’s commitment to diverse communities and its inclusive approach, welcoming volunteers of all ages, adds to the appeal of choosing OpenmindProjects for your volunteering journey.

What to Expect from OpenmindProjects Volunteer Teaching Abroad Programs

Expect an immersive and supportive experience with OpenmindProjects. From the moment you apply, our team is dedicated to guiding you through every step. Delve into in-depth pre-departure training, cultural orientation and ongoing assistance during your teaching journey.

Volunteering with OpenmindProjects involves engaging with students in various settings, including villages, towns, schools, temples and even by the sea. The experience extends beyond the classroom, encouraging volunteers to socialize with students during their free time. Additionally, the opportunity to learn local languages and immerse in the community enriches the overall volunteer experience.

Our volunteers don’t need to be teachers to teach and practice English with students. We do it in a practical and fun way together!


Why Volunteer with OpenmindProjects

OpenmindProjects’ credibility is built on its extensive experience and dedication to local communities. Volunteers are welcomed regardless of age, and families with children are encouraged to participate. The NGO’s focus on practical and fun teaching methods aligns with its mission to create a positive and enjoyable learning environment. Volunteering with OpenmindProjects is not just about education; it’s about fostering connections and making a lasting impact on the lives of those you teach.


Volunteering with OpenmindProjects FAQ

Now also possible to Volunteer Online!

We make English fun to learn and easy for volunteers to teach.

Talk to us about your teach English volunteer options in Thailand and Southeast Asia before you decide!

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Volunteer teach English abroad with a 20 year-old charity. Together we make learning English fun and natural.

Teach English as our volunteer. How

We focus on making learning English fun, fun to learn, and easy to teach. Inspire students, give them confidence to learn and speak English. Teaching English our way means practicing English, helping students learn English a natural way, not memorizing but Learning by Doing.

Our key words are Motivation, Confidence, and Listen and Speak.

  • Practice simple conversations in role plays, using situations familiar to the students. Watch Teaching English in Thailand. The fun role play way.
  • Let students search the internet for interesting topics in English. Ask them to make presentations in simple English to present and share to the class, you, and online.
  • You may combine English with IT training.
  • Socialize, practice English with students in their free time and you learn some local language

How to get started?

Ready to embark on your volunteer journey?

Contact our Team to discuss how you can help with your special skills and ambitions, ask questions, and learn more about our specific projects.

Apply Online: Submit your application and take the first step towards making a difference through your skills.

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Go volunteer teaching abroad with us, a non-profit NGO.  

We are focused on helping local people and helping you to help them.

We hope to meet you, welcome!

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