Volunteer in Thailand, Southeast Asia. Help people and nature

OpenmindProjects is a nonprofit NGO  

Volunteer to share in the work of our NGO as you teach, inspire, bring a new world with ideas and skills to young people in Southeast Asia.

You can volunteer with grateful students at a school in a town or village, join Learning Camps or an ecoproject.  Teach English, IT and other life skills.  Work with our NGO in IT and website development, video, social media and fundraising.  You can help us onsite, in the field or online.


Use Openmind Travel Service for volunteers

We have listed leading websites, travel agencies for you on OpenmindTravel.  Book from the site you prefer.  Then you support us at no extra cost for you!

OpenmindProjects is a nonprofit. Volunteers and donations help us help people.

A chance to Volunteer Online! 

We arrange Online Learning for village, disabled and migrant students to their improve English, IT, problem solving and thinking skills.  Apply and tell us about yourself, then we can discuss how you can help!

Put your skills and passion into good action!

Our volunteers help in many ways.  You can teach English and IT and help young adults, disabled and drop-out students with vocational training. Special volunteers may join health and social care projects.

You can help us with digital marketing, fundraising, social media, tech/web work and create/edit articles with photos and videos.


Volunteer Application Process

Submit an Online Application.  Tell us what you want to do, about your skills and interests.  We will reply and suggest options for you.  Then we can schedule a talk online.  Book a call so we can discuss your volunteering.

After we agree on your volunteering  you’ll receive a Volunteer Handbook with teaching, culture, language and travel advice.  You are always welcome to contact us anytime for more information, questions!

And then we welcome you to a unique volunteer experience sharing in the work of a local NGO, not an international volunteer travel company.