Volunteer abroad. Volunteer with a Charity in Thailand

Volunteer with OpenmindProjects, a charity nonprofit NGO  

Volunteer abroad in Thailand and and Southeast Asia. Share your skills, support our work to help underprivileged children.

You can teach English, IT about the world. Inspire, bring hope and skills to young people!

Volunteer with students, at schools, in towns, villages, mountains, by the sea.

Join popular Learning Camps.

Teach English, IT and other useful skills. 

Help us fundraise or with social media and improved websites.

Help us  onsite, in country or online.

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Volunteers and Donors: Help us help local underprivileged people

Volunteer Online to help our Charity and the ones we help 

Online volunteers can help us with web work, fundraising, digital marketing and also teach online.

We arrange for Online Learning for village, disabled and migrant students. They learn English, IT and other useful life skills. 

Apply, tell us about your skills and when, and how you may help online!

Volunteer abroad with OpenmindProjects

Lend your skills and passion as our volunteer in Thailand and Southeast Asia!

You can teach English and IT and at the same time help children learn about the world, health, the environment. You can help young and adults, migrants, disabled and drop-out students.  

Help us fundraise to reach and help more young people.

Help us  with social media, web design and development, with photos and videos.

Volunteer abroad with  OpenmindProjects, a charity, helping people in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

Welcome to contact us for more information!
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How to be a volunteer with OpenmindProjects

Apply to volunteer abroad with OpenmindProjects.


Submit a free and nonbinding Online Application.


Tell us how you want to help,  about your experience, education, skills and interests.


We can schedule a talk online about your volunteering.

Once you confirm to volunteer, we will send you a Volunteer Handbook with teaching, culture, language and more advice. 


Always welcome to contact us for more volunteer information!


Welcome to a great volunteer abroad experience with our charity.