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Volunteer in Northeast Thailand

Volunteer in Northeast Thailand

Your volunteer opportunity in the rural Northeast.

Give poor village children hope. Many leave school for low-paid jobs in Bangkok, the South or abroad.  

OpenmindProjects supports public, village and temple schools, including a school for disabled students.

Volunteers are an important added value to their education.

Volunteers make a difference.


We will introduce you to your volunteer work in Southeast Asia and we can show you what the normal tourist never get to see in Thailand.

Local culture in Northeast Thailand

Spend your free time in the different Northeast Thailand, the original home of OpenmindProjects . Visit, travel and eat local, off the tourist track.  Drive along the amazing Mekong River. Climb the Phu Tok Mountain if you dare, one of the scariest walks in the world according to the National Geographic.

In NongKhai, a truly Indochinese town, you can visit the amazing Giant Buddha Park, go boating on the Million Water Lilies Lake or watch the mysterious Naga Fireballs rising up from the Mekong on a full moon night in October.  Cross the Mekong on the Friendship Bridge to Laos. 


Tell us about yourself.  Book a time to chat with us to learn about your volunteer options in Northeast Thailand.

Volunteer work in Northeast Thailand

Volunteer in the rural northeast of Thailand.  Enjoy local hospitality and the gratitude of the adults and children you work with.  

Volunteers teach English and IT at public and temple schools and a school for students with disabilities.

With OpenmindProjects students learn by doing.  They practice English conversation with volunteers to make them motivated and to gain confidence to speak English.  


Read about:

Teaching English

IT training

Watch Teach the fun, role play way

Practical-minded, sporty volunteers are also welcome!  


Before you travel you’ll get a Volunteer Handbook to introduce you to your volunteer work, teaching, culture and even some language. When you arrive we meet you,  introduce you to your volunteer work, to school, students, teachers.

Meet cofounder Gaweechat. He will tell you about OpenmindProjects, about life in the Northeast, and life in the village!  Meet sister Kai and try her local Isaan food, meet daughter Neorn, who learned English and more with volunteers .


Great places for volunteers to stay and learn about local life! Meet Orawan and stay in one of her charming bungalows.  She is a retired teacher, a member of the Openmind family and excellent cook.


Welcome to the popular MutMee Guesthouse.  Pao taught Openmind trainee Moss to be the Nongkhai star English student.


Learn More about this poor region of Thailand where friendly people actually speak Lao.  Farming is the main livelihood in the villages, but many young people must head to the south or abroad to find jobs. 


Ask us for more information about this part of Southeast Asia, Isaan, in Northeast Thailand.

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