Volunteer in Thailand, the South

Volunteer Teacher Thailand. Volunteer by the sea with a non-profit!

Teach poor village, migrant, Muslim and Buddhist children. Help the children of poor farmers, migrant workers, fishermen and the Chao Le, the special sea people. Help them to a brighter future. 


OpenmindProjects, an NGO, non-profit, supports public, village and temple schools.  

Volunteers are important and complement the school curriculum. You can make the difference to finding a job that requires English or IT skills.


Teach English, teach IT and help the young students to use internet to learn.

Help their parents too, learn English and other skills to earn a living from tourism.

If you have special skills, you may join other projects, environmental, health care, tell us!


Our Mui, Thitichaya, will introduce you to your volunteering, to students and teachers.


Free time. Mui, can also tell you what to do in your free time. She arranges trips for volunteers and travelers, to the nearby Cave Island and Koh Klang, where you can buy local batique art, similar to what you find in Indonesia. Maybe she invites you to be an English guest speaker at the radio station. Visit the famous Phi Phi islands. Try an introductory dive, maybe a chance to dive with sharks! Enjoy local sea food. Visit the unique Fossil Beach. Climb the local mountain top to the temple an early morning, enjoy a fantastic view over the area.


Thitichaya Boonsom

South Thailand Project Manager
Meet our Mui and learn about the South from a well known media personality in South Thailand.

Learn more about what South Thailand offers.

Volunteer teacher Thailand, discover the South

Volunteer teacher Thailand, by the sea

Most volunteers teach English but also IT, computer and searching on the internet skills. 

Help children listen and speak English, practicing in role plays.

Teach IT, online searching and combine it with English.

Help students to create and share presentations.

Let the children explore the internet, discover and learn on their own!   



Where do volunteer stay and eat?

You can stay at a guesthouse or with a host family. Have  lunch at the school. 

If you stay at a guesthouse, try one of the many inexpensive restaurants or eat at the local market by the sea. 


Use your free time to explore the beautiful surroundings with local friends, a great way for them to practice English!  

For affordable local transport and accommodation, visit: Openmind.travel 

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Volunteer life in South Thailand

South Thailand is one the most popular travel destinations in the world.

Buddhism is the main religion in Thailand but in the South, Muslims make up the majority. People speak Thai with a local accent. Many speak Jahve (Malay). Some speak English.


People you meet are ethnic Thai, Malay, Chinese, Chao Le (sea people) or migrants, guest workers who make a living from tourism, farming and fishing.


Food is very tasty but quite spicy with lots of seafood and fruit, including the famous durian with its equally famous and special smell!


Island hopping, snorkeling, diving and rock climbing are popular tourist activities. Volunteer also like to learn more about local culture and traditions

Krabi, Ao Nang, Phi Phi Islands, Koh Lanta and Phuket are the most popular destinations.


Volunteer teachers can

Apply, book a time to chat with us.

Tell us about yourself and we will tell you about your volunteer options and life as a volunteer.

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