Covid-19! Nearly 40K Thai children disappeared from the education system. Help them come back!

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Volunteer in Laos

Volunteer Mission Trips to Laos

Volunteer Teaching and Community Missions to Laos, with an NGO

Our mission is about helping people.  A volunteer mission trip with us will take you to the heart of Indochina, Laos between Thailand and Vietnam. You will help small and poor communities, young girls, boys, and their rice farmer parents. These children are left behind in isolated villages. They leave school with little education and few opportunities, go to a factory or abroad. Some of them come to our training center in Thailand to improve their skills and chances of a better future!

As a volunteer you can help

Lack of education prevents rice farmers and their children from leaving poverty. Help children to learn English and using IT/internet, important life skills! Help villagers to learn English to host eco tourists Help villagers to use IT and internet to promote their village, attract  eco tourists for an extra income. Sponsor a young Laos to study at Openmind Projects Training Center or elsewhere.  

When you volunteer with us you are welcome to our Training Center for some days before you start! 

Om your mission trip you will have time to visit many famous places in Laos, like Luang Prabang the ancient capital in the North and the 1000 Islands in the South. 

Discover Laos with Openmind Projects

The villagers welcome families as well as couples and single volunteers!

Affordable volunteering in Laos, at 14 USD a day! Tell us about yourself, what you are looking for and we will tell you how you can help! Email us or apply. Happy to discuss your volunteer mission trip.

Watch Volunteers visiting a Laos Village

Affordable Volunteer Trips to Laos with Openmind Projects

Volunteer Teaching Missions and Work in Laos
Welcome to small communities in the Phou Khao Khouai Mountains.
Most volunteers in Laos spend their time practicing simple English with children and their parents. Bring a laptop and combine IT and Internet learning with the English training! You do not need to be a teacher, just enthusiastic and willing to help. We practice Learning by Doing, games, sports with the village children. You are welcome to see how we do it at our Training Center in Thailand before you start!
We are open to discuss other volunteer help too, depending on your background and interests. Tell us, when you apply online!

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Life in Laos as a Volunteer

Stay with a host family or their village guest house. Prepare and eat local food together with your local friends! Share the daily chores with the villagers. Learn about their life, culture and dreams. Volunteer 5 days per week and explore Laos in your free time!

Many Laos girls and boys improve their skills with Openmind Projects 

Over the years, many Laos girls and boys have improved their skills with Openmind Projects!
Poor and young Lao villagers come as campers and trainees to our Learning Camps and our Training Center in Thailand. They improve their English, IT and other life skills. They prepare for a better life together with our staff, trainee friends and overseas volunteers. They go on to further studies, a better job, or return to help their villages!

Rice farmer son, Joiy from a small Lao village, did not speak any English, had never touched a computer when he came to our Center from a low paid factory job. He came as a trainee and went on to become a volunteer trainer before he landed a great job in the capitol of Laos. Moe, our Burmese refugee girl did not speak Thai nor English when she came to us but learned and became our refugee and migrant’s coordinator and volunteer trainer before she returned to Myanmar! Khem from Laos came as a 15-year-old camper, stayed on as a trainee, became our video man, is now a successful, entrepreneur and filmmaker in Laos so his younger brother Phong came to be our trainee too, and is already working part time with his brother, part time trainee!

Tell us what you are looking for in Laos. We may be able to help you to a volunteer mission trip to Laos!


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