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Openmind Projects Social Impact


Openmind Projects Social Impact and our Contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Openmind Projects believe in knowledge. It is  the key to empowering people and therefore to achieving the UN goals.

Our ambition is Creating Learners, helping the disadvantaged. 

Be the architect of your own future! Contribute to the future of your society and to the world!

Ending Poverty

Knowledge and skills are the keys! We empower disadvantaged people by providing better learning opportunities!

Our Three Pillars: Our Training Center. Our Learning Camps and our Field Projects.

UN global goals innovation and infrastructure

Education and Life Long Learning

We work towards creating proactive, confident and lifelong learners and decent job opportunities and conditions for all.

Support clean water global goals

Ending Hunger, Improving Healthy Living and Eating Habits

Young people in our projects learn about healthy living, good and bad eating, drinking and general living habits as well as sustainable farming.

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Equal Opportunities

We focus on empowering women and men for better and equal education and job opportunties.


Combating Climate Change

We are creating awareness about the causes and effects of climate change and what must be done by the  individual as well as the society. Responsible consumption by people for sustainable and responsible manufacturing methods by companies.

Partnership for the global goals

Working with local people, international volunteers, supporters and sponsors

We work with local people and international volunteers, sponsors and supporters to spread our messages and to empower people in Southeast Asia.

Recognized and Recommended