Fighting Poverty Through Quality Education

We believe education is our most powerful force to combat poverty.

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Since Covid-19! Nearly 40K disadvantaged children disappeared from the education system.

The Challenge

Covid-19 has disrupted all education in Thailand. The most vulnerable are the village, migrant disabled children, suffering from no or disrupted education! OpenmindProjects has run programs, for them for many years, at our center, camps and in villages. International volunteers have been an important help. Lockdowns, closed schools and travel restrictions put a stop to all  that!

The Opportunity

Join Us Fighting Poverty Through Quality Education

OpenmindProjects is a non-profit and movement with a network of our former local alumni and overseas volunteers. Together we have worked to reduce poverty with education for poor children in Thailand and Laos. We help them learn English, digital skills and other important skills to give them a better chance in life, to get out of poverty. Over the years and with limited means we have hosted and trained some 400 young trainees at our Center, arranged over 80 Learning Camps for almost 3,000 village and migrant teenagers and invited, trained over a thousand international volunteers. Learn more