Our Mission

Openmind Projects - Learning for life, nature and future!

Our Vision

A future in which young people are empowered to realize their dreams as motivated and confident lifelong learners.

Learning is cheaper than teaching! Therefore, we help children in poor villages to become learners by building motivation, confidence and learning to learn by using Information Technology.

We have Three Learning Pillars: Our own Training Center, our Learning Camps and our Field Projects.

We see a Training Center acting as an online learning and sharing hub for young learners. We see us reaching out to more children, villages with our mobile camps. We see poor villages and schools being inspired to use the new opportunities of 21st century learning including IT.

Our Mission

Our Mission is Creating Life Long Learners

Ignite brighter futures, empower people by creating independent lifelong learners. We introduce 21st century learning to the disadvantaged in SE Asia. We help them acquire the knowledge and skills they need in a changing world where lifelong learning is a must! Create Learners and they will help themselves and their friends!

Our Learning Credo

Learn and use what you learned as soon as you can

Our Values

  • We believe in equal opportunities and in equal treatment for all.
  • Quality education is a human right as is access to modern technology and the chance to become lifelong learners.
  • We are dedicated to contribute to the personal development of our trainees, staff, campers and volunteers!
  • We believe in 21st century learning to help people to acquire 21st century skills for success in life.
  • We believe in responsible and active citizens, which requires well independent thinkers.
  • We believe in diversity and cross-cultural understanding.

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