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Creating Young Learners in Asia

Creating Learners with 21st Century Skills

Our ambition is equal opportunities for girls and boys by creating equal learning opportunities!  We help them to learn to learn and to learn to use IT to learn.


We want children, young students, to learn to find the information they need to solve a task

In the 21st Century young people need to learn skills, not only be taught facts. They need to learn to learn. They need Digital Literacy, Problem Solving, Thinking, Communicating and Team-working skills. Schools in Southeast Asian villages are ill prepared. They use rote learning,  children memorize English but may not understand what they say. Village and migrant kids spend their school time being taught and told but not to think and solve problems. We engage students in tasks, to find information, to analyze, discuss and sharing with friends onsite and online! This has a positive impact on their motivation and confidence, on their learning.

We believe in Ownership, that successful learners take responsibility for their own learning so we want to build self-motivated and independent learners. In other words, we believe in Life-Long Learners!

We believe in Learning by Doing, that the best learning happens when village children learn core subjects such as English, geography, science, at the same time that they learn to solve problems related to those subjects and using English to do so!

We believe in Creating Learners, that to be successful in the 21st century, young people must be able to learn independently without constant teaching, telling and control.

We believe in Team Learning, learning together and helping each other.

We believe in IT, that using IT, tech, increases the capacity for self-directed and team learning as well as sharing, social interaction. 


 Learning is sustainable only if learners own it

We believe in equal opportunities for all, for girls, refugees, disabled and the poor. 

We believe in bridging divides. We help close education gaps by promoting and introducing 21st century learning ideas. 

We believe in life long learning. Girls and boys should go on to learn. It is good for them, their families, their society, democracy and the environment!    


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