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Hello Kitty: Day at the Park

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Join Hello Kitty and friends on a day out at the park. Exploring new tiles, collecting item tokens, and completing adventures to win!


Product Information

Join Hello Kitty and Friends on an adventure filled day exploring the park in this brand new tabletop game, Hello Kitty: Day in the Park, from Maestro Media and Sanrio. Each turn you will lay a tile and collect tokens that you will use to complete adventures. The player who has the best adventures wins the game!

  • On your turn, you will do each of the following actions one time, in the order listed below, beginning with the start player and moving in a clockwise manner.
  1. Play a park tile
  2. Move your character
  3. Complete Adventures
  4. End Turn

Choose one of the four tiles from your hand. You may rotate the tile in any direction you would like when placing it as long as the park features match all orthogonally adjacent tiles (grassy areas to grassy areas and gardens to gardens).

Then gain a token that either matches the icon symbol or the color of an adjacent tile.

Finally, draw an Attraction token and place it bench side up on the tile you just played.

Perform the following actions in this order.

  1. You may move your character up to 3 tiles in any direction, orthogonally. You may choose to not move at all as well.
  2. You gain 1 Token matching the icon of each tile you landed on into your supply.
  3. You may gain the attraction token of the space you end on if it is still available.

When completing adventures, you may use the Icon on the tile you ended your turn on. In addition you can use any number of Resource and Wild tokens from your supply.

Move your score tracker forward the number of points you gain, and move the card(s) to your completed pile to the right of your character card.

End of Turn

  1. Draw new Adventures to replace any completed ones.
  2. Draw 1 new Tile to replace the played one.

The next player in clockwise order may now take their turn.

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