Covid-19! Nearly 40K Thai children disappeared from the education system. Help them come back!

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Volunteer in Thailand

Volunteer in South Thailand

Volunteer with a non profit NGO in South Thailand 

Help young people move out of poverty! The children of farmers, migrants, fishermen, farm workers are left behind as are the Chao Le, ‘sea people’, with their own culture. Industrial fishing fleets make life difficult for local fisherman. Human trafficking is a problem! 

Teach at schools like the charming Nongkok School outside of Krabi town. Enjoy the hospitality of teachers and students. Volunteers can stay with a teacher host family or at a guesthouse. Learn more 

Volunteers with special skills, dive, marine biology or health care skills may find suitable volunteer projects.

While you volunteer, enjoy the nature, sun, white beaches, blue seas and amazing islands, ideal for diving and rock climbing! Enjoy the special culture mix and diversity of southern Thailand, where Thai, Chinese and Malay, Muslims and Buddhists live and work in harmony. Learn more 

Before you start, welcome to our Center in Northeast Thailand. We will introduce you to volunteer work and teaching, culture and language! Read about our Center,

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Did you know this about South Thailand?

South Thailand is one the most popular travel destinations in the world!

Buddhism is the main religion in Thailand but in the South Muslims make up the majority.

People speak Thai with a local accent. Many speak Jahve (Malay). Some speak English.

People you meet are ethnic Thai, Malay, Chinese, Chao Le (sea people) or migrant guest workers and they make a living from tourism, farming and fishing.

The food is closer to Malay food and spicy, with lots of seafood, fruits and, of course,  the famous, stinking durian!

Island hopping is popular and so is snorkeling, diving and rock climbing along this beautiful Thai west coast.

Krabi is for backpackers and budget travelers.

Ao Nang and Koh Lanta for tourists and families/

And Phuket for those with a thicker wallet!


Work and Life as a Volunteer in Southern Thailand

Teach English. Most of you teach English at a school. The English teacher is happy to have someone who speaks fluent English to help children listen and speak English. Some volunteers teach IT, Internet, online searching and learning and often combine it with English, like sharing, making presentations about what they have learned. We recommend Learning by Doing, listen and speak practice. Avoid struggling with perfect grammar. Instead make them like and gain the confidence to speak English. 

IT, Internet, DED. Demonstrate how you can use a computer. Let the children try, explore, and they will discover what they can do! Let curiosity and inspiration drive their learning

Divers, Doctors, DJs, Doers. You may volunteer in a marine project, doctors and nurses, medical students at a hospital, DJs at a local radio station and hands on practical minded volunteers are welcome too. We are open to discuss how you can help. 

Prepare to Volunteer. Try to come for a few extra days at our Center before you start! Extra days at no cost. Learn about volunteering, work, teach, culture and some language too!

Stay and Eat. Volunteers in South Thailand either stay at a guesthouse or with a host family, mostly a teacher. You have lunch with teachers and students at the school, dinner with your host family. If independent and staying at a guesthouse you can try one of the many local and cheap restaurants, or eat at the market, by the sea.

Work. You normally volunteer work 4 - 6 hours per day and spend some time to prepare lessons.

Your Free Time. Use your week ends to explore the beautiful surroundings with local friend. They will be happy to show you, a great way for them to practice English! Go exploring with them, discover the amazing nature, jungles, the seas, the islands, the beaches and the mountains. 

Eat. Try the food, the fantastic seafood, the many local fruits, spicy curry, maybe something even more exotic like a beach bug!  

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