Internships with an NGO

Internships in Thailand or Online with OpenmindProjects

WHY intern abroad in Thailand

  • Boost your career. Intern in Thailand with an NGO, OpenmindProjects.
  • Stand out on your CV! Get valuable overseas experience with an NGO.
  • Our resources are limited, our ambitions high, so as an intern you get lots of opportunities to do and learn a lot.
  • OpenmindProjects is an award-winning Thai nonprofit, supporting projects in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal.

HOW to intern

Apply from our website.


WHAT you can do as our intern, in Thailand or online

  • Internship opportunities vary depending on your focus and university studies.
  • From combining some teaching at a school to helping with Social Media/Blogging, Fundraising/Grant Writing, Videography, Campaigns, Project Coordinator, Web Design/Development, IT training, programming courses. Tell us about yourself and let’s discuss.
  • Social Media. Help us in Thailand with online communication about our projects, special events, camps, volunteer opportunities and more of interest to other volunteers and supporters.
  • Fundraising and Grant Writing. You can help us fundraise in Thailand or at home. We need sponsors for our projects. You can help us with fundraising and sponsor contacts, find grant opportunities, corporate and other sponsors.
  • Web Design and Web Development. Help improve our website and applications. Volunteer with us in Thailand or online.
  • Help us develop an online platform for local people and volunteers.
  • University and Corporate Contacts. Help us reach out to universities and students, corporations and employees to inform about our work, to offer volunteer and internship opportunities.
  • Administration. Help us manage field projects and coordinate our work with overseas volunteers.

Your donation goes to support you as an intern and also to help our work as an NGO, supporting local people.

WHAT you get on an internship in Thailand with OpenmindProjects, an NGO

Before you go

  • Apply and tell us about your internship ambitions, then we reply with suggestions
  • Predeparture information, discussions with us online anytime, once you apply.
  • Discuss and agree on your internship with you and your university, college, institution.
  • Help with accommodation.
  • Volunteer/Intern Handbook with much useful advice.
  • Introduction to your internship.

Once you arrive.

  • Discussions, preparations for your internship project.
  • OpenmindProjects support during your internship, working with us.
  • Free time activities.

When you finished

  • Intern Certificate or Letter of Reference if you wish.
  • Internship Report, when you finished.
  • Follow OpenmindProjects and interns, volunteers online.

WHAT you do during your internship 

Your tasks depend on your internship as agreed with you, your supervisor, university and us.


As part of your internship, you may

  • Teach English. Practice conversation in Role-Plays. Help students search and make presentations to share on interesting topics. You don’t have to be a teacher to do this!
  • Teach IT and Internet training, help students search and make presentations, videos and in English.
  • Teach Coding, help poor students qualify for future IT jobs.
  • Support ecotourism, the environment and local communities.
  • Join a Learning Camp. Overseas volunteers and local campers love camps. Watch OMP Camps.

Discuss your internship with us online, anytime! Contact us!
Tell us about yourself and book to discuss your internship with us , Monday – Friday, around noon or 6 pm (local Thai time, GMT+7).


And, of course, discuss your intern work with us any time in Thailand.

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Please note! Online Internships are possible for some of these opportunities too. Ask us.


Let’s meet online or by email to discuss how you can help local people, us and yourself as an intern.