Donate and get free volunteering

We did get a special fundraising opportunity by GlobalGiving, a leading fundraising platform.

We had a good start. Many old volunteers and supporters donated for which we are most thankful! Therefore, our ambition is now to raise 15,000 USD from at least 60 donors in this first stage and hope you can help us!

Go to to read about our project and where you can also donate.

This campaign started on June 8 and will finish on June 26. More donors and donations we received we may win extra grants and be able to go on fundraising with GlobalGiving!

We would like to thanks our donor with a special reward.

Donate and earn a chance to learn about culture, language, cooking, to volunteer. Let us take you sightseeing while you stay at the most popular guesthouse by the Mekong River, with a sunset over Laos!


  • 100 USD and get 3 days’ culture, language, and cooking training with us in Nong Khai. Stay at the popular resort, the Mutmee Guesthouse, by the Mekong River, at a discounted rate for our friends.  We’ll also take you on a guided tour of the major attractions of Nong Khai!
  • 250 USD, the same as above with 5 free nights at the Mutmee Guesthouse.
  • 700 USD, the same as above with a chance to volunteer for 2 weeks with Openmind Projects while staying for a free stay at the Mutmee Guesthouse.
  • 1000 USD the same as above, with 2 additional weeks volunteering (4 weeks total, including a free stay at Mutmee Guesthouse) plus a week in a Lao village together with an Openmind Projects Trainee!
We hope to be able to welcome volunteers soon after COVID. If you cannot then come yourself you can transfer this offer to a friend, a young curious student, someone who is already in Thailand, or wants to join us for the next 12 months!

We hope you can help! And welcome to visit or volunteer with us!

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