Welcome to OpenmindProjects new milestone

A Virtual Camp Leader Training for our alumni using Cisco Webex.

Preparing OMP for life after Covid.

Day 1 we all woke up in different locations, Thailand, Korea, India, Australia, Singapore, Laos and of course several places in Thailand from the Northeast to the South!

First thing, good morning to all in a General Session. We all, alumni, Cisco Volunteers and OMPrs Mui, TT/Gaweechat and Sven introduced ourselves to each other and what we wanted to get out of this training. Naturally, all alumni looked forward to improving their English, apart from what else they would learn.

We reminded ourselves of our Openmind Mission, helping disadvantaged young people to better learning opportunities.

And we talked about our special training objectives for these online days together. For alumni to prepare to lead camps, help village students, online and onsite. And we DO want to come up with some good and interesting online English activities to offer to schools.

We think they should be in line with our hands on learning by doing philosophy and that works well with online volunteers using Cisco Webex. We all started learning how to work with Webex today, again learning by doing our favorite style!

To set the tone and inspire creativity Cisco volunteers described how they work online at Cisco. They have a long experience, collaborating online and how to use Webex!

Then lunchtime, luckily not virtual but real!

After lunch, we got on to the first step in our learning by doing process: How to be an effective online searcher?

Volunteer Chhavi from Cisco introduced everyone to the opportunities of searching online, and then showed a nice instruction video. She can recommend many for you! She invited all for comments and questions but most Thais are polite or maybe a bit shy initially, so it takes a little time to warm up. But we got there.

Once you learned something, time to practice, learn and do it! This time a Kahoot search exercise, that Cisco had prepared with questions and multiple-choice answers and enough time to search for the correct answer. Much liked by all, as always!

This is a very good first step in our learning process. Questions like; what was the first capital of the US? Washington, Philadelphia or New York?

Where is Taj Mahal? Why was it built? Who is Shakespeare? Where does Hamlet take place? What is the non-spotted giraffe called and where do you find it? Search, don’t guess!

Surprise, surprise! We actually finished in good time today. Had time to discuss, summarize what happened, what we liked and learned. A clear favorite was Kahoot, a game and search training at the same time and of course in English!

Learn to search, learning some English, while learning something about the world, animals, literature, history, geography etc. and not to believe everything. Important skills, knowledge and critical thinking at the same time.

We at OMP always like a little ‘gan ban’, homework, so for tomorrow, think about how to adapt  learning by doing to learning online at a camp or a school. Tomorrow we all meet, same time and then go to Break Out Sessions in teams with volunteers.

Thank you everyone, great day!

What happens day 2 is for tomorrow, so stay tuned if you are interested.

PS: Think already today, we got ideas how to go online!

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