Openmind Projects Moving On

We want to thank you, all generous donors in these fundraising efforts!

And special thanks to  Jessica,  Christian, Alice who organized the one-day Virtual PubQuiz and thanks to the owner and Rotaract in Zurich, Switzerland!

Thanks also to  Global Giving for arranging the special  3 weeks Accelerator campaign

And thanks so much to the major fundraisers within this campaign, Arif and Kauser, Shireen,  Terry and Mike, Peter and Christian! Thanks to all, multiple and anonymous donors too!

And thanks also to Giorgos, Bruna, Jim, Paddy, Goran, Wojtek,  for helping with the campaigning!

Altogether,  including the Riot Games LoL campaign, where players were to vote for their local favorites, Openmind Projects can now, with 45 000 USD raised,  plan for an after COVID restart!

So we would like to take this opportunity to tell you what happens next. Openmind Projects own COVID Rethink and Restart!

As you know, we like so many others had to put our activities on hold, awaiting the COVID effects and still waiting.

We do not know when our trainees can return from their villages, or when we can arrange our successful autumn/fall Learning Camps for village and migrant children. We will, however, help the Northeast Thailand Non-formal Education Authority with three short camps, for young dropouts, adults, this July. We will do so with the help of former trainees and camp leaders.

We do not think it will be possible for many if any, overseas volunteers to travel to Southeast Asia this year. We will, however, initiate an online volunteer program soonest, hopefully already in September!

Below you can read about all the things that will happen for the rest of this year and into 2021. Our ambitions that we look forward to implementing with support from our volunteers and friends!

Openmind Projects can donate because of donors!

We surpassed our initial goal in the GlobalGivingcampaign and the Swiss PubQuiz was a great extra!

Our GlobalGiving goal was to fundraise 5000 USD from a minimum of 40 donors to gain a permanent place on the GG fundraising platform. We did it by raising almost 12 000 USD from over a hundred donors, supporters, friends, and past volunteers, and for this GG will also give us some extra and needed promotion.

And in one day the Rotaract Pub Quiz raised 3000 Swiss Francs!

With these funds and those of the previous fundraising, we will now be able to prepare for a restart after COVID!

We must work on a lean budget and rely on future fundraising, donations, and local support! It will be difficult to attract volunteers, due to travel restrictions, costs, and the increasing presence of commercial volunteer agencies.

We start by partnering with a local school.

By relocating our Training Center there, we help it keep getting government support and allow them to receive orphans and migrant children from Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar.

This means a busy and sweaty Monsoon July!

–      We will set up a small library at the school that will be open to local students.

–      We plan to set up an Online Training Room for virtual training for our trainees, campers and local schoolchildren (teachers too we hope)

–      For this, we are looking for support from an overseas EdTech company or more, local education institutions, and online volunteers.

–      We will invite online, virtual, volunteers to help our trainees, campers, and local students, now that it will be more difficult for volunteers to travel.

–      We will train our trainees to teach English and IT to local students, to be camp leaders at future Learning Camps, and to act as digital ambassadors to help local small business owners, street vendors, and village women to use IT in their work.

–      We will arrange camps at our center for children from Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, migrant, and village children. Our locally trained camp leaders and volunteers will use our successful camp concepts and we will look for help from online camp volunteers and hopefully find some onsite overseas volunteers.

–      Once settled we will start seeking partners overseas, to share and scale up our learning and camp concepts. We will offer to train others, NGOs, schools, teachers to use our concepts overseas. We will need ongoing support to do this.

–      So we will look for online volunteer fundraisers to help us.

–      We will look for support from IT and EdTech companies, educational institutions, and other funds to fund and develop, scale up our work, reach out to more people that are underprivileged.

You can help us implement our plans!

You can help us implement our plans as a volunteer online, plan to come later or tell a friend, email us

On the other hand, maybe you can fundraise for our restart activities.

Tell us if you are interested! We and volunteers with fundraising experience will be happy to help you!

All the best and many thanks again!

Openmind Projects Moving On!

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