Day 2 of our Virtual Camp Leader Training.

Welcome to OpenmindProjects new milestone – A Virtual Camp Leader Training for our alumni using Cisco WebEx. Preparing OMP for life after Covid.

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We started with a Kahoot, this time made by quick and creative alumni team A (lead by Yeen, Thofun, Joann and Nok), obviously avid film watchers  Alumni Safe won, beating us all, OMP and our Cisco friends too, wow!

Think we can safely say Kahoot will be an engaging ingredient in an English learning by doing project. We will see what suggestions team come up with at the end of this, our first virtual Openmind Camp.

At our morning General Session with everyone we then reminded ourselves about the benefits of hands-on learning by doing, learn something and use your skills immediately.

In the pre Covid days we taught new volunteers to order food first thing day 1 in the volunteer training. Then we sent them to order lunch. Success – come full of energy to learn about Thai culture, more language and Thai education. Failure – come back hungry and definitely motivated to know how to order food day 2 in the volunteer training!

Then we approached our Big Question in this camp.

What and how can we adapt our learning by doing, problem based and inspiring learning, to online learning, focus English?

So, off to today’s task teams! Time for virtual separate, Breakaway Team Sessions (we learn new online, WebEx vocabulary every day) with alumni and volunteers helping them in each virtual room. Actually, it is much like we do onsite, when we OMPrs can come, listen in, ask, disturb, uninvited . Which it should be.

Great stuff!

We asked teams to brainstorm, search, find and list ideas.

But first time for a real, not virtual, lunch, at our various locations around the world. Though I think some energetic teams skipped lunch in favor of generating ideas!

After lunch back to meet everyone in a General Session for our alumni teams to present ideas.


Teams came back with many ideas, approaches to the question. Some gave concrete examples, many, some listed important criteria for online learning English to be successful and one team came up with a lesson plan! Creative and useful for the next steps in our camp process towards identifying interesting and useful approaches to online learning that will interest Thai village students, their schools and teachers.

So, now time to think! Great ideas but can we, OpenmindProjects helped by Cisco and volunteers deliver? Let’s check what is doable and what is interesting for village kids, their teachers and schools! If you want to do, suggest to do something, a birthday party or online leaning, you must consider is it doable, difficult? Is it interesting? What do we need to do, to be able deliver? So, we talked and learned a bit about feasibility, pros and cons.

On to the next Task – Teams, discuss best ideas to adapt OMP learning to online. Issues, pros and cons?

At the end of our online day, again we as always summarize what we got out of this our Day 2.

Ah! Never a dull moment for you teams. Your task for the weekend! Discuss, search and prepare to present your favorite ideas on Monday.

Kudos to all! Our great alumni, your ideas, teamwork and our volunteers from Cisco, your great input, support and inspiration, and of course our volunteers, cohosts, Ana and Michael too!

Great 2 days! Even more convinced! We will be able to deliver great online help to Thai village kids.

Stay tuned for day 3, Monday!

Happy week end!


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