Campers have spoken, and this is what they think about our Learning Camps

Every year we provide local kids a free summer camp where they can learn, improve, and practice English. This is what they think of the experience:

Yanisa Phosuriya says “Unforgettable Camp”

We asked Yanisa what she expected before coming to Openmind Projects Learning Camps: knowledge and experiences or just activities during school holidays? Here’s what she told us:

The camp made my summer vacations much more valuable.

I knew the older sister of a friend of mine went to a Learning Camp, in Nong Khai, before, and she told them to go. That day we decided to search for the camp online and apply, even without knowing if our parents would allow us to go.

When we arrived at the camp everyone was very friendly. We had time to unpack our things and eat, and after we started doing activities. The first day I felt very diffident…

I didn’t had the confidence to talk with foreigners because I was afraid they wouldn’t understand a word of what I was saying, because of my accent. But the trainers always encourage me to be brave, and not afraid of speaking in English.

The next day I began to adapt and I felt more assertive! The activities at the camp are fun and full of love, time flies while we’re doing it. Then we had 3-4 days, the most stressful and challenging ones: each group had to make projects. During this time I had to speak to foreigners and other students from different schools.

One thing that really impressed me was seeing foreigners, at the camp, trying to speak with us. I wasn’t speaking properly, but they always helped me, telling me how to say things in the correct way. I felt so lucky that my group had two seniors as trainers. They helped us a lot, making our work almost perfect, and developing our potential, developing ourselves.

The last night was both stressful and funny. We had prepared lots of activities: dancing, playing guitar, singing, watch movies.. We barely slept! I felt my heart warm…

Joining this camp made me open to a whole new world, meet new people, new cultures and get new skills. Having had this experience, in such a short amount of time, felt like a lifetime to me, I learned a lot, and in the end I think: “It was more than worth it!”.

Now I want to be a role model and tell to other students how to be confident, not afraid of speaking english and how they can study by themselves. I will tell everyone my story, and encourage other students, that want to learn english, to join Openmind Learning Camps.

To Gamonnart Kemkrue is “My New World”

What did you felt when joining the Openmind Projects Learning Camp?

I felt that I was doing the right thing joining this camp, because I wasn’t good in english and I was also scared to talk to foreigners, afraid of saying something wrong. I wasn’t confident to speak, I didn’t had much vocabulary and I didn’t know what to say or how to answer. I blocked myself from society, refusing to meet new people and learn new things.

When I came to this camp, it was so great! From trainers to staff, everyone at the camp was lovely and friendly. They were always willing to help us when we didn’t knew how to say something, in a friendly and non-stressful way.

I also enjoyed the way things are done at the camp: lots of activities and games! I got both knowledge and good friends, that I can consider brothers and sisters.

I want to come back to this camp every year!

What do you get from Openmind Projects?

I know the importance of English in daily life, and Openmind Projects Learning Camps help us not only talking and improving the vocabulary, but also having a good attitude when it comes to speak: they help us building up our confidence, show us that is ok to say things wrong, telling us the right way.

I left the Camp with many skills: assertiveness, team spirit, social and work methods.

How to demonstrate the knowledge you got from the camp?

Showing people at school the knowledge, skills and methods I got during the Learning Camp, and encourage them to speak without being afraid showing them we have to say wrong things in order to improve and learn the right way.

I will present the D&L Club project (Development and Learning Club), a project that my group designed to solve student learning problems such as not understanding, teaching methods, technology shortages (no computer, no fan, no projector, etc.) which is held as a small club for meeting the students’ learning problems. This project involves parents, teachers and school directors.

I would like to invite everyone to join this camp! I think you will get new experiences, learn how to design new projects and be open to a new world of people and experiences, while you gain more confidence and learn English. Everything is possible just Open your mind!

Nuttawut Thinseethan says “My fear of speaking disappeared”

Education evolved, we can now learn through websites and apps. This allows people with no opportunity to learn with experts, to continue their studies and improve their skills. Technology can also help saving money; once we can learn by ourselves, our families don’t need to pay for it. Although I think the knowledge we get from it isn’t much, because there is no one teaching us other ways of doing/seeing things.

Openmind Projects it’s an exception: the camps include accommodation and food, and are totally free, and they also give us some guidelines when it comes to using internet as a learning tool, gaining more knowledge, specially in English, which is almost considered an universal language.

Openmind Projects Learning Camps have volunteers from abroad, they speak english all the time which help the learning process. They taught us step by step, in an easy to understand. They even encourage us to use our smartphones to translate to english, and then repeat to the foreigners, so we can have face-to-face conversations and lose our fear of speaking with them. Most of Thai students are nervous and afraid every time they have to speak in English. But this camp made my fear disappear and made me more confident! Meeting and being with foreigners every day throughout the week at the camp really helped me.

At camp we are divided in 4 groups, and my group had trainers who are really good teaching English language, making the learning process warm, easy and funny! We also have the opportunity to show our own ideas, tell them how we think we can improve and develop.

In the end of the camp I noticed I increased my learning skill sin various areas: I know how to approach people, and establish good relationships with them; I developed my teamwork spirit while I was leaning English.

Thank you so much Openmind Project, I had a very special week this summer, and I promise I will keep working, and bring the knowledge I got during the camp to my daily life.

Jirakit butdee confessed “this camp changed my mind”

My story with Openmind Projects Learning Camp begins the day before the start of the camp: a friend of mine invited me to go with him, and I asked what was the camp about. My friend explained that was all about learning english, and I accepted right away.

The first day we did some activities, and I found it really difficult, I started thinking: “Maybe this camp isn’t for me…”, but in the other hand, I thought I had to give my best because I had this amazing opportunity to learn and practice english.

I decided to stay, and enjoy the next days, and I can tell you it was the best decision I could have made. This camp changed my mind!

Everyday at the camp was funny, and we could learn many things, make new friends, gain more knowledge and confidence. Time flew, and in the end I didn’t even wanted to go back home.

I learn many things at the Openmind Projects Learning Camps, and if I have the chance to join a camp again I will definitely do it.

Our Camps inspire and help local kids during their summer vacations improving their english and buil up their confidence when it comes to speak with foreigns.

If you want to be part of this movement you can apply to volunteer with us here, or do your donation here. This will help us maintaining our Center, and also provide young people with the tools to have a better future.

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