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"Unforgettable Camp" Joining this camp made me open to a whole new world, meet new people, new cultures and get new skills. Having had this experience, in such a short amount of time, felt like a lifetime to me, I learned a lot, and in the end I think: “It was more than worth it!”.
The Openmind camp is a good place to recommend because you will learn and to carry out yourself. You can learn about environment, healthy-living and technology that is beneficial to us and the world in the future. In addition there are activities, build your language skills. And relax with activities held at the camp. At the camp, you will learn to work as a team and harmoniousness.
“My fear of speaking disappeared” Openmind Projects it’s an exception: the camps include accommodation and food, and are totally free, and they also give us some guidelines when it comes to using internet as a learning tool, gaining more knowledge, specially in English, which is almost considered an universal language.
This camp is not just teaching the language but they teaching almost their have and with pleasure. I got to learned something around us for example, about Environment, Healthy living, Technology, Education and Jobs. I got to learned cause, effect, how can I change? Realize to how to save the world stay with us for long time....

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