“After Camping”, by Yiwa

The first, I want to say “Thank you so much” for made Openmind Project. I feel excited and glad to come to this camp. For me I think I want to come to Openmind Project before that I don’t have opportunity to come here and I got it!

Since the past I’m so shy, unconfident, no expression and lose myself but! I’m really love English language and I’m try to practice and make perfect such as listen to music, watch movie and speak with native speaker.

When I come to this camp I found something new, I got many things about this camp.

I got new friends from many school and have a good friendship.

I got how to work as a team we share many idea and experience together. I can teach my children in camp about some subject in school after I passed because I’m the oldest in group look like leader of group when I have some idea it’s good for  our group I will do it!

Thank you volunteer to help me about problem, I can’t use computer to make video show they can help me. They teach me about cooking I got to try food from Myanmar and Laos

I got to try on Myanmar uniform in Fashion show at last night, I got try flour Myanmar Tanaka and I never did it!

This camp is not just teaching the language but they teaching almost their have and with pleasure.

I got to learned something around us for example, about Environment, Healthy living, Technology, Education and Jobs.

I got to learned cause, effect, how can I change?

Realize to how to save the world stay with us for long time?

How can I have a good health?

How can I prepare to deal with technology, education and jobs It’s grow up in the future?

Thank you very much, I be myself had more confident to speak English not shy. I will take the defect to deploy and make it better than the past. I don’t have what phrase to tell you more than ”Thank you” for everything I’m gratitude. Something is hard but the hard is when you stop doing.I’m promise I will not stop doing.

I think we have many difference example, culture, religion but one thing make us be the one is “understanding” to adapt to others for sharing, talking and for a good friendship good memory. I glad to come to Openmind Project the time to say good bye, bye for now all good things come to an end. See you later and you need help about camp called me I’m glad.



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