Online Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer to help students in Thailand and Laos!

Help village, migrant, disabled, and ethnic minority children learn English, search online and make presentations in English.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer in Online School Programs

OpenmindProjects is an NGO in Thailand conducting programs focused on learning English in task/problem-based learning projects. Student teams search online about a topic, discuss, summarize and present solutions in English with the help of local and international volunteers. Local volunteers help overcome the language barrier and facilitate dialogues between students and international volunteers.

This program is conducted in twice a week 1.5-hour long sessions with opportunities for students and volunteers to communicate in between. Sessions are recorded so participants can watch them later too.

OpenmindProjects is using Cisco WebEx courtesy of Cisco Systems. Contact Us to learn more!

Guest speaker in Openmind Projects Open House

We initiated our new Open House initiative this year. Guest speakers talk about a topic of interest and importance to local students and teenagers, then invite them into a discussion as a way to inspire them to learn and practice English while gaining new knowledge and insights.

OpenmindProjects online learning projects

This program is online every Saturday evening and is also recorded for interested viewers to watch later. Contact us for more information!

We are also looking for IT, Web developer, Social Media, Fundraiser Volunteers

Our Background

Already in 2001 some of us believed that IT and the internet offered new learning opportunities for disadvantaged young people. And we believed that international volunteers would be a great help! 

Our ambition was to create more equal learning opportunities. We set up a Training Center for young. We organized English and IT Learning Camps and supported schools. Overseas volunteers were always an important part. Our success depended on volunteer support and donations.

COVID-19 interrupted

Trainee students at our Center had to leave and volunteers could not travel. We had to find new ways.


Our previous trainees and campers, many now university students or working as teachers or in other careers told us we must not give up! They had even set up their own Facebook group We love OpenmindProjects

Volunteers from Cisco Systems contacted us offering to volunteer and help with online solutions.

This is where we are now

We use our previous experiences and finding new ways to emulate our work online.

So, we prepare new online learning initiatives! Previous trainees and campers now help us as volunteers. Overseas volunteers help us as well.

We welcome more Volunteers

Volunteer to teach English or IT and EdTech Volunteer Online. Help village, ethnic minority, disabled and migrant children to learn online!

IT, Web developers, Social media, fundraiser volunteers are also welcome!

Contact Us for more information.

We can set up an online meeting with you.

Apply online, tell us who you are, about your skills and interests.

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