Many thanks Donors, Hero Fundraisers, Volunteers, Friends and Supporters!

With your help, Openmind Projects will take off after the COVID-19.

Do read about our plans below!   

Our hero fundraisers and donors

  • Christian Heyer, Jessica Heinzmann, Alice Schnyder, and the Rotaract Club Baden Switzerland 
  • Terry Friar and Michael Matson,
  • Christian and the Grönvall family
  • Kauser and Arif Essaji and friends
  • Shireen Weston and friends
  • Mike Fulton and the San Jose Rotary Club, California 
  • Emilie and the Lacoste family
  • Kevin Mc Cormack
  • Richard Brownsdon
  • Michael and Agneta Sutton
  • Dasha Kouznetsova
  • Rinat Bagoutdinov
  • Hiroko Kusuda
  • Elise Flynn
  • Philippe Desmet
  • Andrew Tucker
  • Bela Somaiah
  • René Ehrhardt
  • Grace Miner
  • Eleanor Jarvie
  • Jerry Lewis
  • Rachel Croft
  • Christopher D Forsch
  • Michael Thomas
  • Joshua Schuster
  • Clare O’Brien-Lambert
  • Henrik Fricke
  • Gina Bowers
  • Michael Hellman
  • Joel Hohl
  • Peter Stolp
  • Pradip Patel
  • Olivier Vilayphiou
  • Lyell Seton-Wilkinson
  • Marja Schilstra
  • Ulf Mikaelsson
  • Janne Häljebo and Elvy Westlund
  • Paddy Sutton
  • Ram Herkanaidu
  • Michael Logan
  • Ian Bowman
  • Anna Jorysz
  • Cordelia McKenna
  • Katie Connolly
  • Fran Rota and family
  • Daniel Larsson
  • Kara Hathaway
  • Michael Schyns
  • Alessandro Balzi
  • Anna Mauleon
  • Bruce
  • Therese Falk
  • Deborah Kennedy
  • Alex Fasell
  • Kenneth Holt
  • Ravi Patel
  • Margareta Evestam and Finn Hjelmstrom 
  • C.J. Harren
  • John Gage
  • Erin Proven
  • Khairuldin
  • Ellie Robinson
  • Cathy Inder
  • Jan Schöndell
  • Hans Thornell
  • Annika Larsson Mauleon
  • Tom Walker
  • Dieter Van Itterbeeck
  • Peter Kienzle
  • Femina Hassuji
  • William Pierce
  • Sharon O’Leary
  • Fahed Selmi
  • Alena Volkova
  • Qasim
  • Salma Khanbhai
  • Mr I F Nurbhai
  • Anthony Henley
  • Shees N Sulemanji
  • Shakuntla Mayor
  • Taybi Mohamedbhai
  • E J Matsunaga
  • Salma Adamjee
  • Ali Shamshudin
  • Kubra Shamshudin
  • Onali Shamshudin
  • Zahra Adamjee
  • Jim Brown
  • Atichoke Nantarat
  • Jackie Giles
  • Zsuzsa Nemeth
  • Gustav Toresson
  • Valerie K SEEDS
  • Finally, many thanks to all  our anonymous donors!

Thanks also to our local volunteers and supporters who helped us during the  campaigns: Ana, Bruna, Giorgos, Wojtek, Goran, Jim, Julian, and to our Kai who took care of them!

Thanks also to Khem and Lao Esport Fed, Thai Esport Club Assoc, League of Update TH, WHATPHONE Magazine, M Vision Corp.


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And thanks also to GlobalGiving, Rotaract Zurich and the Riot Games LoL players who raised money and voted for their favorite NGOs around the world!

We hope to see you here or online! After COVID we are going more virtual, to be able to work with and help young people with the help of volunteers from around the world. 

Let us tell you.

About Openminds. Newstart after the COVID

We like so many others had to put our activities on hold, awaiting the Covid effects and still waiting. We do not know when our trainees can return from their villages, or when we can start to arrange our successful autumn/fall Learning Camps for village and migrant children. We will however help the Thai Non-formal Education with some short camps this July.  We do not think it will be possible for many, if any, overseas volunteers to travel to Southeast Asia this year. We will however initiate online learning and volunteering soonest, hopefully with the help of a major IT company this autumn!

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  • With the funds raised, we now prepare for a restart after Covid! We will work on a lean budget and must rely on future fundraising and local support since it will be difficult and expensive for volunteers to travel for a long while we believe.
  • We will partner with a local school, relocate our Training Center there, That will be a win, win! More space for training, a special Virtual Training Room, an English Library, organic gardening and sports and dorms. Our trainees and future volunteers will be able to teach and socialize with the schoolchildren during and after school. Openmind Projects presence will help the school to continue get government support and allow them to receive orphan and migrant schoolchildren from Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. 
  • We are looking for support from overseas Ed and Tech companies, from local education institutions. We will invite virtual volunteers to help trainees, campers and local students. We will train our trainees to teach English and IT to local students, to become camp leaders, teacher assistants and to act as digital ambassadors to local small business, street vendors and villagers. 
  • We will be seeking partners overseas, to share and scale up our learning and camp concepts and offer to train other NGOs, schools, teachers.
  • To sustain and scale up our work long term we will look for volunteer fundraisers and for support from IT, EdTech and corporations, educational and other institutions.

Welcome to join us!  

Tell your friends!  Help us as our volunteer online or come later. Maybe you will be one of our future fundraisers

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