Give poor village and migrant girls and boys a second chance!

Their Poverty Trap

Poor villages, schools, and parents, village and migrant children grow up to be poor, often with their grandparents. Their parents left to earn a living in low paid jobs in a city or abroad. They had very limited opportunities.

Some of these children become our trainees. They never got the education they deserved. Instead their choice was to stay in their village or accept unsafe, low paid jobs. Girls risked being exposed to sex trafficking, boys to drug abuse. They never knew what it meant to have a dream, much less how to realize it!

Give them a second chance!

Our challenge is to give these young people hope and a chance to learn for better opportunities. Our challenge is to encourage and empower our young trainees to go on, take charge of their own learning and become the architects of their own futures.

Our Challenge, using EdTech!

  • How to use technology, modern, innovative learning ideas, and English to help poor young people get out of poverty?
  • If our trainees can learn how to use their smartphones, the internet,
  • If they learn English, they can start learning important life skills at our Center.
  • They become the architects of their own futures and can one day help younger trainees, their village friends and our young campers too!
  • This is our Challenge!

How to give young trainees from Laos, Thailand and Myanmar a second chance? 

We want our trainees to help themselves! They learn by doing, task and activity based learning. They learn about a topic. They solve a problem. They learn English, how to use tech and the internet. They learn to help each other! Volunteers help them and they help volunteers!

At our Training Center, everything is free. Trainees live and learn  for free: activities, lodging, food and fun, all is free! But trainees must be ready to help each other, campers, schoolchildren and our overseas volunteers!

We prefer learning by doing to teaching!

We use EdTech, IT, modern, innovative learning ideas and overseas volunteers to create inspiration, knowledge and skills at our Training Center!

Our trainees multi-learn in activity-based learning with concrete tasks, problems to solve.

  • They learn in teams to search for information online in English, to analyze, solve problems, suggest, and debate solutions.
  • Share their findings in presentations and videos and online.
  • Gain confidence, inspiration, critical, and independent thinking skills.
  • Learn about the environment, climate change, health, hygiene, and food.
  • Prepare to be camp leaders and teach schoolchildren.
  • Train campers, schoolchildren and overseas volunteers (culture, language).
  • Learn about and prepare for future jobs.

We create learners!

Well, we help young villagers, migrants to become learners. We help them. But most of all, they must help themselves! Young people who  become role models and  trainers for other young people and who go on to help their poor parents.

  • With very limited means, we have trained over 400 young trainees over the past 19 years.
  • We have run over 60 learning camps with over 2000 campers.
  • They have learned and gained confidence to speak English, to use technology and the internet to learn and to want to go on to learn.
  • Some stay on as trainers, team teachers at schools with volunteers and/or camp leaders. Some go on to study. Some find a better job than they had before. Some go back to help.

Dare to Dream – Empowering Individuals to Inspire the World

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Success Stories

Kem and Dee are two young men from Laos who proved that a chance to learn can make a big difference in one's life. When they were 15 years old they volunteered to help children in their own community. Kem and Dee then came to Openmind Projects to learn English, IT and life skills. Later they realized that they can use media to help other people. Right now they're working with an international NGO in Laos and have started their own media company. Kem and Dee are also our Laos representatives and leading OMP trainees at alumni meetings.
Trang dropped out of school and escaped from an orphanage.

Currently, Trang owns a computer and smartphone repair shop in Bangkok and voluntarily repairs our computers.

She's proved that with hard work and knowing IT skills she can get a good job without the need of university degree.

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