VOLUNTEERs, help people and nature

Volunteers play an important role. They inspire, teach, bring other skills. Young and older, students, working and seniors, families make great volunteers! Their skills, energy and experience make us achieve our goals!  Work with our trainees at our Center, join our Camps and campers, a school, a temple, eco project. Teach English, IT other life skills. Help us with IT and websites, videos, social media and fundraising. Go to villages, community work and national parks, conservation help. You can help us on site, at the project but also online. 


  • Teach English and IT
  • Digital Marketing, Fundraising
  • Vocational Training
  • Tech/Web/Mobile
  • Health, Child, Social Care
  • Write/Edit/Translate
  • Photo-and Video
  • Learn more https://www.openmindprojects.org/

How to Volunteer with openmindprojects

  1. Complete an Online Application.
  2. Tell us what you want to do, your skills and interests.
  3. Discuss options, schedule a talk with us or a volunteer.
  4. Agree, confirm and receive an online Volunteer Handbook. 
  5. Welcome to our training before you start.

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