In 2001 we pioneered IT learning as an opportunity to help the poor. We started along the Thai Laos border and went on to Southeast Asia

In 2001 we launched the IT in Isan project as a poor kids’ chance to leave poverty. The first projects were a rice farmer village and two orphan homes in the poor northeast of Thailand. Sven from Sweden and Gaweechat from Thailand set out to find how disadvantaged kids might use IT and internet to learn. We gave them computers and demonstrated how to use them. We let them explore and discover to learn by themselves. We called it ‘Demonstrate, Explore to Discover’. That and ‘Learning by Doing’ have become Openmind Projects learning philosophies! The IT in Isan project became Openmind Projects. Since then young trainees from Southeast Asia are invited on a rotating basis invited to stay and study at our Training Center where we also arrange week long Learning Camps for village children. International volunteers have become a welcome and valuable contribution to work at our Center and other projects.

Our Mission

Creating Learners

Fighting poverty by inspiring young people, giving them confidence and opportunities to learn and to use that knowledge. Therefore our 3 campaigns: 

Our Vision

Village girls and boys learning to realize their dreams

A world of hope and life long learners where poor people learned to help themselves and each other to overcome poverty.

Our Values

Equal opportunities

Quality education and modern technology should be for available to everyone, regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation or ethnicity. 

Our Action

Years of
10 K+
Inspired learners
0 +

Ending Poverty

Knowledge and skills are the keys ! We empower disadvantaged people by providing better learning opportunities ! Our Three Pillars : our training center, our learning camps and our field projects.

Equal Opportunities

we focus on empowering women and men for better to obtain better and equal education / job opportunities.

Creating Learners

We work towards creating proactive, confident and lifelong learners who will obtain decent job opportunities and conditions.

Combating Climate Change

We are creating awareness about the causes and effects of climate change and what must be done by the individual as well as society to fight against it.


Sven Mauleon
OMP cofounder and chairperson. Project and also training advisor

Gaweechat Jompaula  OMP cofounder and director. Project manager and lead developer

Gorawan Joompaula
Administrative and Projects Coordinator

Thitichaya Boonsom
South Thailand Projects Coordinator

Christian Heyer
Lead developer, software engineer, Mobile app specialist, UI/UX Designer.

Shireen Weston – UK

Arif & Kauser Essaji –UK 

Jim Brown – USA

Anastasia      – Ukraine

Kevin McCormack – New Zealand


Pharinya Auttho (James)

Camp Leader / OMP trainee Alumni – Thailand



Khem – Camp Leader / OMP trainee Alumni – Laos


Orawan – Thailand

Pradip Patel – UK/Thailand

Terry – Australia

Christine Nadeau – Canada

Isabelle Jauffret – France

Mike Fulton – USA

Elvy Westlund – Sweden

Katie Connolly – UK

Francis Ponce – France

Arne  – Norway

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