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"Volunteer work overseas for us is really about overseas volunteers helping local people to help local people" - Sven, co-founder.
"Poor people get poor education. We want to give them a better chance and our volunteers help us" - Gaweechat, 'Toto', co-founder.

Inspired Volunteering in Asia

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The Little Big Project Thailand

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Learn Tinglish, understand Thais!
Education & Learning
Learn Tinglish, understand the Thais and their neighbors! by Sven Mauleon, the expat cofounder of Openmind Projects.The other and Thai cofounder, TT, Gaweechat Joompaula can speak Thai, as well English and Thaenglish!Cross culture communication is a challenge but it can be a very fun one! So listen how the Thais speak English! Any idea what ‘it the long way’ means? Wrong, it does not mean long! Guess what! I’ll tell you if you read on! What does ‘fly lie’ mean? No, it’s not ...

Why Openmind Projects

  • Low volunteer costs.  A non-profit NGO, not an international volunteer agency. So lower costs for you!
  • High value volunteer work.  Addressing real needs. Avoiding volunteer work that local people do better and should get paid for! No wall paintings, beach cleanings.
  • Grassroots projects.  Your money goes direct to the local projects. Not overseas to salaries and marketing.
  • Asia Specialist.  We match local needs with your skills. And prepare you!
  • Flexible dates. Combine projects.
  • Unique volunteer training, free. Before you start.  Including cross cultural training.
  • Trend setting teaching. We willl train you.

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